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  • The glass substrate is the portion of the mirror in which solar energy is transmitted. It is composed of a float glass with high transmission characteristics in the visible and infrared ranges and is configured to transmit visible light and infrared radiation.
  •  The first side contains a reflective layer for reflecting the solar energy gathered. This is then transmitted through the glass substrate to the second side. The second side that is curved then reflects the solar energy back through the glass substrate and back out the first side of the glass.
  • After several years of research Komag has achieved major breakthroughs in process technologies associated with the manufacture of glass substrates. Such process advancements may offer the potential to approximately halve the cost of future glass substrates.
  •  Furthermore, the cost of glass substrates manufactured under these new processes is expected to be less expensive than equivalent aluminum-based substrates. Over 90% of the disks manufactured today are aluminum-based disks.
  • Glass slides wafers are often cleaned by a solvent clean, followed by a dionized water (DI) rinse, followed by a mild acid clean, DI rinse and blow dry. This is a level-1 process and requires basic INRF safety certification. The use of dangerous chemicals requires that the user may not perform the process alone.
  • In FPD technology, Process of Coating for Glass Substrate and/or CF is an extremely important process. KURAMOTO's "Coating technology" enjoy a high reputation of customers
  • Electrostatic chucks (ESCs) in dry etchers for thin film transistor-liquid crystal display (TFTLCD) fabrications were investigated theoretically. First of all, the behaviors of glass encountering electric fields in the presence of a plasma were studied. It was shown that, in some conditions, the ESCs should be used. By applying the simple ESC model, the voltage region for the stability of glass substrate was obtained.
  • To transport delicate glass substrates without damaging them, Sharp developed original transporting technology. As a result, Sharp can input 60,000 glass substrates per month into the manufacturing line (at Kameyama Plant No. 1), making it possible to produce a stable and highly efficient supply of large LCD panels. In order to mass-produce larger LCD panels, Sharp adopted new technology that involves dropping liquid crystals onto the surface of a glass substrate. Through this method, which looks simple but is actually quite difficult, Sharp pioneered the way to mass production of large LCD panels.
  • PDP has excellent features suitable for larger display and highly minute pictures, and its demand is rapidly increasing worldwide. Central Glass Co., Ltd. Company will soon start sales activities targeting annual sales of ¥3 billion in 2005. Central Glass Co., Ltd. Company currently produces substrates for flat panel displays such as VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display), TN-LCD, STN-LCD and TFT-LCD.
  • Demand for TFT liquid crystal panels is now in full swing for television sets as well as for personal computers, and is expected to rise at an annual rate of 20% on a unit basis. In addition, many TFT liquid crystal panel manufacturers currently produce panels by using large 6th generation or larger mother glass. Production of panels with using 10th generation glass substrates, the world’s largest, is also scheduled.
  • Sales in the glass and related operations segment amounted to ¥625,240 million ($5,768 million), and accounted for 45.3% of total sales, including intersegment net sales and transfers.
  •  The segment’s operating income was ¥35,852 million ($331 million). Sales of flat glass and construction materials expanded, supported by continuing firm demand in Japan for double-glazing glass units, which offer excellent insulation.
  • One approach to synthesising HDOAs consolidates the principles of solid-phase nucleic acid synthesis and photolithography adapted from the
    semiconductor manufacturing arena. This approach allows for the synthesis of oligonucleotides in situ on glass substrates.
  • For thin solar cell application glass would be a very good material, because it offers many advantageous properties. It offers a very good chemical resistance which is needed both for the processing of the solar cells as well as for its long term application to be resistant to atmospheric attack and ultraviolett radiation.
  •  Its temperature stability is needed for the processing. Good transmission properties are also needed, which are offered by glass as well as a smooth surface.
  • The use of CG Silicon technology to form circuitry directly on the glass substrate is what lies beneath the outstanding features of System LCDs-high resolution, low power consumption, narrow frame, and multi resolution display capability
  • Optical Windows. Co.Uk
  • Glass Substrates
  • Globe Precision Products
  • Solar mirror
  • Epoxy Resin – Glass Fabric Substrates

Process & Cleaning Procedures

  • Basic Study of the Electric Forces on a Glass Substrate in a Dry Etching System.
  • Flexible Flat Panel Displays
  • Fpd Technology
  • Hybrid glass substrate technology leads to hybrid waveguide devices.
  • Soldering Of Thin Film Metallized, Soda Lime Glass Substrates.
  • Cleaning procedures for glass substrates
  • Lapping & Polishing Machines
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • SWP & LWP Filter Coatings For Glass Substrates
  • TFT glass substrates


  • Display Filters
  • Glass Substrates Production
  • Quartz & Special Glasses Institute
  • Agc Asahi GlassCorning Introduces First LCD Glass Substrate Free of Heavy Metal
  • Filter Glass
  • Glass Products
  • Glass Tag
  • IBM glass substrate disks


  • Increasing Production Capacity of large-sized TFT LCD Glass Substrates
  • Increasing Production Capacity of PDP Glass Substrates
  • Sharp builds for 10th-generation glass substrates
  • LCD Production
  • LG Uses New Technique For PDP Production
  • Cassette For Loading Glass Substrates
  • Die & Production
  • Method Etchant for Etching Glass Substrate
  • Glass Substrate & Leaving
  • Methods for producing glass substrates for use in biopolymeric micro arrays
  • Glass Substrate For Photo masks & Preparation Method
  • Methods and apparatus for polishing glass substrates
  • Porous glass substrate for field emission device
  • Glass Substrate Forming Mold & Production Method.
  • Method of sealing glass substrates
  • Thin Film Semiconductor Package Utilizing a Glass Substrate With Composite Polymer Interconnect Layers
  • Giving Corning Crystal-Clear Visibility
  • Information Technology
  • Corning LCD Glass Substrates
  • Glass Transporting Technology
  • Quality In Glass Substrates Holds Key to Improvements In Lcds
  • Liquid crystal Injection Technology.
  • Array-Based Technologies and their Applications in Proteomics
  • PDP glass substrates market.
  • Industrial Demand
  • Asahi Glass To Expand Output Capacity of Large TFT-LCD
  • Corning Taichung Facility Prepared to Ship LCD Glass Substrates
  • Corning to Wild Premier Finishing Facility In China
  • Suppliers Of The Glass Substrates
  • Glass Master Substrate & Optical Glass Substrate

  • Laser Infiniti Co
  • Changzhou almaden Pv Glasses Co., Ltd
  • Woojin Corporation
  • Glass Substrate Suppliers
  • glass substrate

Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Corning Eagle XG AMLCD Glass Substrates.
  • Isola
  • Norplex Micarta
  • High Performance Composites
  • Industrial Laminates/Norplex, I
  • Mineral Products Of Texas
  • Stronger glass as a requirement for flexible thin glass substrates 
  • Design and Analysis of a 6 GHz Chip Antenna on Glass Substrates for Integration with RF/Wireless Microsystems
  • Electroluminescent Display Materials
  • Telechem International, Inc
  • Saint Gobain Application Overview
  • LCD Touch-Panel Controllers
  • Touchscreens in the Automotive Environment
  • Current Trends of Flat Panel Displays Viewed from Applications
  • Acquisition of the Glass Substrates
  • International Display & Manufacturing Conference.
  • Adhesion Strength Study of EVA Encapsulants on Glass Substrates
  • Company Annual Report
  • Optics
  • Large magnetoresistance of bismuthÕgold films thermally deposited onto glass substrates
  • Next generation uses of highdensity oligonucleotide arrays
  • Optical characterization of thermally evaporated thin CdO films
  • Matsushita Electric Industrial
  • Implementing Cost-Effective Capacitive DNA Sensors on Glass Substrates
  • Localization Project for TFT-LCD Glass Substrate
  • High-Strength Nanotechnology Glass Project for Displays
  • The Pentacene Project
  • High Throughput Vaccum Processing For Innovative Uses Of Glass
  • Barry N. Breen
  • BG&S Peening & Consulting
  • Science & Engineering Consultants
  • Guna S. Selvaduray
  • Jk Consulting
  • Indars.Com
  • Expert in Electronic Ceramics and Glasses
Standards & Equipments
  • Polished Glass Substrates
  • FPD Standards ITO-Coatings on High Quality Glass Substrates
  • Polished Glass Wafers and Substrates to SEMI Standards
  • Sharp finalizes 10G LCD glass substrate size
  • Glass Substrate Chipping Inspection System
  • Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd
  • Tem Characterization Of Single Crystal Silicon Film On Glass Substrate
  • Substrate effects in chemical solution deposition.
  • Effect of Na Incorporation on the Growth and Properties of CdTe/CdS Devices
  • The Effects of Glass-Substrate’s Surface-Treatment on the Characteristics of N-Channel Polycrystalline
  • Effect of Substrate Sodium Content on Crystallization
  • Effect of Substrate Roughness on D Spacing Supports
  • Effect of Substrate Temperature and Input Power on TiN Film Deposition
  • Substrate temperature effect on the optical properties of amorphous Sb2S3 thin films
  • Flat Panel Display Equipment
  • LLCD Optical Polishing Machines
  • Precision Machinery
  • Large-Size Glass Substrate
Company Profile
  • Micronit
  • Navitar Coating Labs
  • Saint Gobain Display Glass
  • Nippon Electric Glass Taiwan Co., 
  • Alpha Precision,Inc
  • Anhui Bengbu Huayi Conducive FilmGlass Co., Ltd
  • Precision Glass Products Company
  • The Microarray Substrate Company
  • Sharp Kameyama Plant
  • Niigata Plant
  • Norplex- Micarta
  • Corning Leads Industry as First Commercial Supplier of Generation 6 Size Glass Substrates

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