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  • Imidazole is a organic compound with the formula HC3H3N2. This aromatic heterocyclic is classified as an alkaloid.
  • Imidazole refers to the parent compound whereas imidazoles are a class of heterocycles with similar ring structure but varying substituents.
  • This ring system is present in important biological building blocks such as histidine, and the related hormone histamine.
  • Imidazole can be synthesized by numerous methods besides the Debus method. Many of these syntheses can also be applied to different substituted imidazoles and imidazole derivatives simply by varying the functional groups on the reactants.
  • The Debus method forms the (1,2), (3,4), and (1,5) bonds in imidazole, using each reactant as a fragment of the ring, and thus this method would be a three-bond-forming synthesis.
  • One of the applications of imidazole is in the purification of His-tagged proteins in immobilised metal affinity chromatography(IMAC).
  • Imidazole is used to elute tagged proteins bound to Ni ions attached to the surface of beads in the chromatography column.
  • Imidazole has become an important part of many pharmaceuticals.
  • Imidazole has been used extensively as a corrosion inhibitor on certain transition metals, such as copper. Preventing copper corrosion is important, especially in aqueous systems, where the conductivity of the copper decreases due to corrosion.
  • The toxicity observed with imidazole carboxamide and vincristine included hematological depression with leukocyte counts below 3,000/cu mm in 9 of 29 patients.
  • The platelet counts less than 100,000/cu mm in 8 of 29 patients, as compared to 8 of 26 patients with leukocytes below 3,000 and 13 of 26 patients with platelets less than 100,000 utilizing CCNU.
  • The present study was designed to observe the clinical effects of 2 agents, imidazole carboxamide and vincristine, as a combination program previously not reported and a new nitrosourea, CCNU, in patients with disseminated malignant melanoma.
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  • Computer Simulation of the Imidazole Catalysed Hydrolysis of Esters
  • Preparation of imidazolate-based ionic liquid as a new proton conductive matrix
  • Synthesis of the Pyrrole-Imidazole Alkaloid Sventrin from the Marine Sponge
  • Synthesis and properties of 2-substituted naphtho[2,3-d]imidazole and benzoxazole derivatives
  • Synthesis, spectral characterization and redox properties of iron (II) complexes of 1-alkyl-2-(arylazo)imidazole


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  • Imidazole Buffered Saline
  • Imidazole hydrochloride
  • Hydranal
  • Neolyst
  • QuickPick™ IMAC Plus


  • PX24 Aerosol
  • Imidazole Buffer
  • CK NAC
  • EPO-TEK 380
  • Safety data for imidazole
  • Imidazole Buffered Saline
  • MSDS for Imidazole
  • MICROSHIELD Skincare Cleanser
  • 4M Imidazole Stock Solution


  • Addition of imidazole during binding improves purity of histidine-tagged proteins
  • Imidazole Curing Agents for Epoxy Resins
  • Molecular Biology applications
  • Novel nitrogen ligands based on imidazole derivatives and their application in asymmetric catalysis
  • Optical recognition elements. Macrocyclic imidazole chromoionophores entrapped in silica xerogel
  • Imidazole Carbenes
  • Imidazole compounds and textile treatment compositions
  • 1,4,5 tri-substituted imidazole compounds useful as cytokine
  • Process for preparing 4-substituted imidazole compounds
  • Process for the isolation and purification of an imidazole stereo isomer
  • Substituted Imidazole compounds


  • A Comparative Study of l-(2-Chloroethyl)-3-cyclohexyl-l-nitrosourea (NSC 79037) and Imidazole Carboxamide (NSC 45388)with Vincristine (NSC 67574) in the Palliation of Disseminated Malignant Melanoma1
  • Infrared study of the binuclear cadmium(II) imidazole saccharinato complex
  • Critical evaluvation of stability constants of metal-imidazole and metal-histamine systems

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