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  • Isoamyl acetate, also known as isopentyl acetate, is an organic compound that is the ester formed from isoamyl alcohol and acetic acid.
  • It is a clear colorless liquid that is only slightly soluble in water, but very soluble in most organic solvents.
  • Banana oil is a term that is applied either to pure isoamyl acetate or to flavorings that are mixtures of isoamyl acetate, amyl acetate, nitrocellulose and other flavors.
  • Pear oil commonly refers to a solution of isoamyl acetate in ethanol that is used as an artificial flavor.
  • Isoamyl acetate is also used to test the effectiveness of respirators or gas masks because it has a strong smell which is generally not experienced as unpleasant that can be detected at low concentrations, and has low toxicity.
  • Isoamyl acetate can be prepared in the laboratory by the acid catalyzed Fischer esterification reaction between isoamyl alcohol and glacial acetic acid.
  • Isoamyl acetate is made commercially by reacting acetic acid with amyl alcohol to produce amyl acetate, of which there are eight isomers. The isomers are then separated from each other by fractional distillation to obtain the one desired form, isoamyl acetate.
  • It is also used as a solvent for some varnishes and nitrocellulose lacquers, as well as being a honey bee pheromone and can be used to attract large groups of honeybees to a small area.
  • Isoamyl Acetate
  • General about Isoamyl acetate
  • Iso-amyl Acetate details
  • Overview of isoamyl acetate
  • General information on isoamyl acetate


  • Going Bananas Over Isoamyl Acetate
  • Enhanced production of isoamyl alcohol and isoamyl acetate by ubiquitination-deficient saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants
  • Esterification of Isoamyl acetate
  • The preparation of isoamyl acetate
  • Synthesis of isopentyl acetate
  • Preparation of Synthetic Banana Oil
  • Production of Isoamyl Acetate from Sugar Beet Molasses
  • Isoamyl acetate synthesis

Company Profiles

  • Company from California
  • Company from China
  • Company from Nanjing
  • Company from USA

Products & Applications

  • Isoamyl Acetate
  • Product of isoamyl acetate
  • Iso-amyl Acetate
  • Isopentyl Acetate
  • Honors Cup Synthetic Proposal
  • Uses of isoamyl acetate
  • Catalytic Membrane Reactor for Water Removal in Equilibrium-Limited Reactions in scCO2
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Safety data for isopentyl acetate
  • Isoamyl Acetate
  • Isoamyl acetate material safety data sheet
  • Isoamyl acetate MSDS


  • n-Amyl Acetate and Isoamyl Acetate
  • Esters report
  • Esters as food flavorings
  • A Green Catalyst for Solventless Acetylation of Alcohols and Phenols with Acetic Anhydride
  • Introduction to respirator fit testing


  • International Chemical Safety Cards-isoamyl acetate
  • Chemical data sheet for isoamyl acetate
  • Hazards substances fact sheet of Isoamyl Acetate
  • NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards of isoamyl acetate
  • Isoamyl acetate
  • Iso-Amyl Acetate
  • Occupational safety and health guidelines for isoamyl acetate


  • Isoamyl acetate suppliers
  • Isoamyl acetate exporters

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