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  • Isophorone is an organic compound, a colorless to yellowish liquid with characteristic smell, that is used as a solvent and as an intermediate in organic synthesis.
  •  Isophorone also occurs naturally in cranberries.
  • Isophorone can be manufactured by catalyzed self-condensation of acetone.
  •  Mesityl oxide is the initial product of the self-aldol condensation of acetone.
  • The acetone formed can react further with mesityl oxide via a Michael reaction and subsequent intramolecular aldol condensation to eventually obtain the six-membered ring of isophorone.
  • The production and consumption of isophorone in the world is concentrated in western advanced countries and regions.
  • The demand of isophorone in the domestic market is expected to be around 5 000 tons.
  • The development and production of isophorone therefore has a bright market prospect.
  • The import amount of isophorone in China was around 3 500 tons and the import price was around US$1 500 per ton.
  • Import was mostly made from the United States, Germany and France.
  • It is also used as a chemical intermediate and as an ingredient in wood preservatives and floor sealants.
  • Isophorone
Market & Report
  • Isophorone Features Bright Market Prospect
  • Isophorone
  • Isophorone Report
  • Valuable and Essential for Coatings, Printing Inks, Sealants and Adhesives
  • Recent Federal Developments
  • Report of Isophorone
Patent & Technology
  • Isophorone Process
  • Uterdione Dimer of isophorone diisocynate & Method of Preparation
  • Preparation of Isophorone
  • Process Of Manufacture of  Beta-Isophorone
  • Production of Isophorone
  • New Instrumental Techniques for toxic & Harmful Substances
  • Printing and Allied Industries
  • Suppliers of Isophorone
  • Isophorone suppliers
  • Manufacturer of Isophorone
Company & Consultants
  • Company From Germany
  • Expert of Isophorone
  • Consultant From California
  • Toxic air contaminants.
  • Potential for Human Exposure
  • Toxicological Profile For Isophorone


  • Analytical Methods
  • Micro encapsultation of Polyfunctional amines for self Healing of epoxy Based Composites
  • Photodimerization of Isophorone in Supercritical Trifluoromethane and Carbon Dioxide
  • Preparation and Properties of Waterborne-Polyurethane Coating Materials Containing Conductive Polyaniline
  • Isophorone
  • Oxidized caesium/nanoporous carbon materials solid-base catalysts with highly-dispersed active sites
  • Betamix
  • Safety data for isophorone diisocyanate
  • Isophorone
  • Isophorone
  • Safety data for isophorone
  • Herbicide

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