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  • Malathion is an organophosphate parasympathomimetic which binds irreversibly to cholinesterase.
  • Malathion is a nonsystemic, wide-spectrum organophosphate insecticide.
  • Malathion is slightly toxic via the oral route.
  • Malathion can also be found in products that are used on pets to control ticks and fleas.
  • Trade names for products containing malathion include Celthion, Cythion, Dielathion, El 4049, Emmaton, Exathios, Fyfanon and Hilthion,
    Karbofos and Maltox.
  • Malathion present in untreated water is converted to malaoxon during the chlorination phase of water treatment, so malathion should not be used in waters that may be used as a source for drinking water, or any upstream waters.
  • Malathion works by attacking the nervous system; it is essentially a nerve poison.
  • The “disappearance method” was applied by measuring malathion concentrations in the water before and after human subject exposure to the water for various periods of time. Malathion was measured using Gas Chromatography.
  • The extent to which pesticide residues may be removed from treated produce by washing is influenced by a variety of factors such as the chemical properties of the pesticide, the nature ofthe commodity, the length of time that the residue has been on the commodity's surface, and the
    formulation in which the pesticide has been applied.
  • In the open environment, malathion degrades rapidly by hydrolysis, biodegradation and photolysis, roughly in that order of importance.
  • Malathion in water may be determined by extracting into dichloromethane, drying the extract, redissolving in hexane and analysing by gas–liquid
    chromatography, phosphorus mode.
  • Malathion inhibits the proper functioning of the nervous system of the adult mosquito.
  • Malathion produced detectable mutations in three different types of cultured human cells, including white blood cells and lymph cells.
  • Malathion is mutagenic, carcinogenic, has been implicated in vision loss, kidney damage, and lung damage.
  • Malathion is the most common agent used in Canada for the control of adult mosquitoes by ultra low volume (ULV) application.
  • Two types of exposure assessments were conducted for malathion used to control larval mosquitoes and adult mosquitoes resting on vegetation.
  • While Malathion is used for miscellaneous insect pests (katydids, whiteflies, aphids) at fairly low use rates, it fills an important need for soft scale
    insects in certain situations.
  • Gas and thin-layer chromatography and infrared spectroscopy confirmed malathion to be degraded via malathion- monocarboxylic acid to the
    dicarboxylic acid and then to various phosphothionates.
  • PFF is a newly recorded species of fruit flies. PFF control in Egypt is based primarily on applications of organophosphate insecticides, especially malathion, mixed with protein baits using bait application technique.
  • Malathion pesticide is widely used and has been reported to damage mice spermatogenesis.
  • Malathion was evaluated in two districts namely Hardwar (Uttaranchal) and Kheda (Gujarat) and was found effective in reducing An. culicifacies
    population. In other districts in Gujarat variable level of malathion susceptibility was observed.
  • Approvals of the active constituent maldison are being reconsidered because of concerns that the presence of certain impurities (specified in the
    minimum compositional standard – MCS) may be harmful to human beings.
General Information
  • Information Sheet: Malathion and Mosquito Control
  • Pesticide Information Profiles - Malathion
  • Malathion - Fact Sheet
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Malathion
  • Malathion - General Information
  • Malathion - what is it?
  • Malathion
  • Malathion Explanation

Consultant & Project

  • Consultant from Hawaii
  • Consultant from Minnesota
  • Consultant from New York
  • Toxicology and Environmental Engineering Consulting Services
  • Consultant from USA
  • Sublethal Effects of Malathion on Boll Weevil Fecundity when Maintained on Cotton Squares and Artificial Diet
  • Malathion - The Carcinogenic Potency Project

Production & Process

  • Malathion - Production, Import/Export, Use and Disposal
  • Chemomorphic Analysis of  Malathion in Skin Layers
  • Dermal Absorption Of A Dilute Aqueous Solution Of  Malathion
  • Detoxification of malathion a chemical warfare agent analog using oxygen activation at room temperature and pressure
  • Evaluation of Diazinon and Chlorpyrifos Concentrations and Loads, and Other Pesticide Concentrations, at Selected Sites in the San Joaquin Valley, California
  • Identification of Carboxylesterase Metabolites of the Residual Malathion in Wheat Kernals usig semi-micro radio liquid chromatography
  • Removal of Malathion Residues from Lettuce for Medfly Eradication Projects
  • Use of GC-MS for Quantitative Determination of Tecnazene and Malathion Following Topical Administration


  • Adult mosquito control and malathion use for controlling West Nile Virus in Saskatchewan
  • Evaluation of Cholinesterase Level in an Endemic Population Exposed to Malathion Suspension Formulation as a Vector Control Measure
  • Malathion use as a mosquitocide and potential risk to listed salmonids
  • Summary of Malathion uses in California citrus Beth Grafton-Cardwell
  • Malathion Top Uses
  • Malathion in Drinking-water

  • Controlled study of malathion and dphenothrin lotions for Pediculus humanus var capitisinfested schoolchildren
  • Degradation of Malathion by Salt-Marsh Microorganisms
  • Mortality Comparison Among Spinosad-, Actara-, Malathion-, and Methomyl- Containing Baits Against Peach Fruit Fly, Bactrocera zonata Saunders (Diptera: Tephritidae) Under Laboratory Conditions
  • Peridomestic Deposition of Ultra-Low Volume Malathion Applied as a Mosquito Adulticide
  • Toxicity of Neem Leaves Extract (NLX) Compared With Malathion (57 E.C.) Against Late 3rd Instar Larvae of Culex fatigans (Wild Strain) By WHO Method


  • Malathion 8-EC
  • Malathion 500
  • Cythion
  • Fyfanon EW
  • Gardex 50% Malathion Emulsifiable Concentrate Insecticide
  • Gowan Malathion 8 Flowable
  • Malathion 500 EC Insecticide
  • Malathion Product List
  • Malathion Lotion
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Malathion 8-E Insecticide
  • Malathion 57%
  • 5% Malathion dust
  • Malathion Fogging Concentrate
  • David Grays Malathion Garden Spray
  • Malathion ULV Insecticide


  • Malathion Carboxylesterase
  • Emulsifiable Concentrates of Malathion
  • Malathion oil in water emulsion formulations and use of peroxide in such formulations
  • Process for the preparation of Malathion
  • Process for preparing malathion for pharmaceutical use


  • Effect of Administration of Malathion for 14 Days on Macrophage Function and Mast Cell Degranulation
  • The Effect of Malathion on AminoAcid Incorporation into Plasma MembraneProteins of Vigna sinensis (L) : Effect of Plant Growth HormoneSupplementation
  • Effects of percutaneous malathion absorption in anurans
  • Behaviour of 14C-Malathion in North African Soils
  • Effect of malathion exposure on some physical parameters of whole body and on tissue cations of teleost, Tilapia mossambica
  • Impact of malathion on acetylcholinesterase in the tissues of the fish Tilapia mossambica (Peters)–A time course study
  • Effect of malathion and acetylcholine on the developing larvae of Philosamia ricini
  • Effects of Malathion on Disease Suceseptibility in Woodhouse Toads

Health & Toxicity

  • Health risk assessment of aerial application of Malathion-Bait, California Department of Health Services
  • A Review and Sensitivity Analysis of the Canadian Human Health Risk Assessment for Mosquito Fogging Using Malathion
  • Toxicological Profile for Malathion
  • Malathion - Toxicity
  • Overview of Malathion Risk Assessment
  • The genetic toxicity of malathion: Results of an epidemiologic study in agricultural workers and in vitro laboratory studies, California Department of Health Services

Management & Regulations

  • Tier II Aquatic Exposure Assessment for Selected Malathion Agricultural Uses in California, Oregon, and Idaho: Endangered Species (ES) Consultation Package
  • Comparison of Two Rinsing Procedures to Remove Malathion Residue from Lettuce after Baited Malathion Application for Mediterranean Fruitfly Eradication
  • Unreported and Prohibited Use of Malathion and Bentazon
  • Environmental Fate of Malathion
  • EPA’s decision to cancel certain highly problematic uses of malathion


  • Sublethal Doses of Malathion Alter Male Reproductive Parameters of Eisenia foetida
  • Malathion - Draft
  • Maldison (Malathion) Review Scope Document
  • Potential uses of biomonitoring data: a case study using the organophosphorus pesticides chlorpyrifos and malathion
  • Studies on the Reliance of DDT, HCH and Malathion in Vector Control Programme
  • Culture Dependant Variation in Esterase isozymes and Malathion Susceptibility of Dimondback Moth, Plutella xylostella L.


  • Suppliers of Malathion
  • Selling Leads of Malathion
  • Malathion Exporters
  • Malathion UK Suppliers

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