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  • Methyl tertiary butyl ether (methyl tert-butyl ether, methyl t-butyl ether, or MTBE) is a chemical compound used as a fuel additive in gasoline.
  • MTBE is a colorless, flammable liquid with a distinctive odor that many people find unpleasant. It is soluble in alcohol and ether. It is unstable in acidic solutions. Synonyms for MTBE are methyl tert-butyl ether, tert-butyl methyl ether, and 2-methoxy-2-methylpropane.
  • Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MtBE) is a gasoline additive that boosts the oxygen content in fuel (an oxygenate), resulting in less air-polluting carbon monoxide being released from vehicle exhaust systems.
  • MTBE phytoremediation technology depends primarily on mass removal to control the down gradient spread of dissolved phase MTBE.
  • Methyl tert-butyl ether may be removed from environmental media by some of the active or passive strategies typically employed for gasoline remediation, including Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA).
  • There are three types of MTBE production plants: Refinery/ Petrochemical plants, Merchant plants, TBA plants
  • MTBE is produced by reacting isobutene with methanol over a catalyst bed.
  • Methanol is derived from natural gas, and isobutylene is made from crude oil or natural gas, thus MTBE, as used in motor gasoline, is a fossil fuel.
  • Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) is commonly added to gasoline in the United States for octane enhancement and as a fuel oxygenate.
  • It is used in large quantities each year to reduce levels of ozone and carbon monoxide.
  • MTBE an engine antiknocking agent to replace lead was made on the basis of a variety of advantageous properties: it is of low-cost and easily produced chemical with favourable transfer and blending characteristics; it can be produced at the refinery; it blends easily without separation in petrol; and the blend can be transferred through existing pipelines.
  • MTBE can also be used to make high purity isobutylene which is further processed to produce butyl rubber, highly reactive polyisobutylene, methyl methacrylate (MMA) and some smaller derivatives.
  • Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MtBE) is a gasoline additive that boosts the oxygen content in fuel  (an oxygenate), resulting in less air-polluting carbon monoxide being released from vehicle exhaust systems.
  • MTBE has been added in much higher concentrations (up to 15 percent) to enhance gasoline combustion and reduce tailpipe emissions.
  • MTBE is used in small quantities as a laboratory reagent to extract semi-volatile
    organic compounds from such sample types as leachates or solid wastes.
  • MTBE is also a pharmaceutical agent, which can be used as an alternative to surgery in dissolving gallstones when
    injected intraductally.
  • Current U.S. production capacity of MTBE is over 259,000 barrels per day and is expected to grow to nearly 300,000 barrels per day by the end of the decade.
  • Consumption of MTBE grew dramatically during the 1990s, mainly as a consequence of the Clean Air Act Amendments in the US that mandated the use of oxygenate in gasoline.
  • Global consumption of MTBE into gasoline will decrease by nearly 8%/year in the 2006-2011 period while demand into other applications increases by nearly 5%/year.
  • MTBE demand will grow in some regions of the world, notably northeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent and eastern Europe.
  • The price of MTBE has an impact on gasoline markets because of its use as an oxygenate blendstock in reformulated gasoline.
  • The availability of MTBE can also influence gasoline prices if MTBE shortages were to create a gasoline supply constraint.
  • MTBE Chemical properties
  • Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether
  • MTBE Scare Leads To Ethanol Blends In Petrol
  • MTBE  - Overview
  • Sleuthing MTBE with Statistical Data
  • What is MTBE?
  • MTBE - Intro


  • Methyl tert-Butyl Ether
  • MTBE
  • High Purity MTBE
  • Tert-Butyl methyl ether
  • MTBE for feedstock use
  • Safety (MSDS) data for tert-butyl methyl ether
  • MTBE for fuel use


  • Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) Bioremediation
  • A Continuing Revolution in Process Technology
  • Technical Protocol for Evaluating the Natural Attenuation of MtBE
  • Treatment Technologies for Removal of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) from Drinking Water
  • Overview of Groundwater Remediation Technologies for MTBE and TBA
  • Technologies for Treating MtBE and Other Fuel Oxygenates


  • Method for the degradation of MTBE and TBA
  • Process for the Determination of MTBE in the Ground and Air
  • High Conversion Tame and MTBE Production Process
  • Method for improving conversion of isobutylene in MTBE process
  • Oxygenate Removal in MTBE Production
  • Process for the Preparation of MTBE
  • Process for the Production of MTBE
  • Production of Tertiary Butyl Acetate from MTBE
  • Method for Producing High - Purity Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether


  • Aerobic Biodegradation of Methyl tert-Butyl Ether by Aquifer Bacteria from Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites
  • Environmental Impacts from Largest MTBE Release in History
  • Genes involved in the methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) metabolic pathway of Mycobacterium austroafricanum
  • Isolation of a Bacterial Culture That Degrades Methyl t-Bu tyl Ether
  • Toxicokinetics of Methyl tert - Butyl Ether and its Metabolites in Human after Oral  Exposure

Production Process

  • Methyl t-Butyl Ether (MTBE) Chemistry
  • Cometabolism of Methyl tertiary Butyl Ether and Gaseous n-Alkanes by Pseudomonas mendocina KR-1 Grown on C5 to C8 n-Alkanes
  • Production Process
  • MTBE Production
  • Production of MTBE
  • Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) Production and Manufacturing Process
  • MTBE from Refinery C4 Feeds


  • Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether Project
  • MTBE Production - Material Balance Project
  • Energy Balances and Numerical Methods Design Project
  • Separations and Reaction Engineering Design Project
  • Pilot Project Report
  • The project to produce methyl tertiary Butyl Ether

Company Profiles

  • Company from Texas
  • Company from Russia
  • Company from Qatar
  • Company from China
  • Company from San Antonio
  • Company from Houston
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of MTBE and Alternative Gasoline Formulations
  • Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether
  • MTBE, Oxygenates, and Motor Gasoline
  • Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) Uses and Market Data
  • Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) Prices and Pricing Information
  • MTBE - Demand
  • MTBE Production Economics
  • Economic Analysis of U.S. MTBE Production Under an MTBE Ban


  • Biological Activity of Methyl tert-butyl Ether in Relation to Soil Microorganisms has a Negative Environmental Impact
  • Identigying the Usage Patterns of MTBE and Other Oxygenates in Gasoline Using Gasoline Surveys
  • Use of MTBE and Other Ether Oxgenates in Gasoline
  • Methyl t-Butyl Ether Mineralization in Surface-Water Sediment Microcosms under Denitrifying Conditions
  • MTBE in petrol as a substitute for lead
  • Phytotoxicity of Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE) to Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Plants

Turnkey Providers

  • Turnkey provider from India
  • Turnkey provider from Pune
  • Turnkey provider from China
  • Turnkey provider from Italy
  • Turnkey provider from Saudi Arabia

Suppliers and Buyers

  • MTBE Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • MTBE Suppliers
  • MTBE Selling Leads
  • Foreign Exporters & Manufacturers
  • Indian Exporters & Manufacturers
  • Buyers List


  • Consultant from Germany
  • Expert in Chemical Process Consulting
  • Consultant from USA
  • Consultant from California
  • Consultant from Southern California


  • Drinking Water and MTBE: A Guide for Private Well Owners
  • MTBE Resource Guide
  • Canadian Water Quality Guidelines

Environmental Issues

  • Chronic Toxicity Summary
  • MTBE- Well/ Groundwater Contamination Issues
  • MTBE (methyl-t-butyl ether)in Drinking Water
  • European Union - Risk Assessment Report
  • Health Effects of Exposure to Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether
  • MTBE Factsheet
  • Environmental Health Criteria
  • Toxicological Profile for MTBE
  • Public Health Goal for Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) in Drinking Water


  • MTBE Chemical
  • The Sensitivity of the Design and Operability of the MTBE Processes
  • Occurrence and Distribution of Methyl tert-Butyl Ether
  • MTBE Production
  • Methyl tertiary-butyl Ether
  • Optimized Activated Carbons for MTBE Removal in POU/POE Systems
  • Supply and Cost of Alternatives to MTBE in Gasoline


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