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  • Oxalic acid is the chemical compound with the formula H2C2O4. This dicarboxylic acid is better described with the formula HOOCCOOH.
  • Oxalic acid is a relatively strong organic acid, being about 10,000 times stronger than acetic acid.
  •  The di-anion, known as oxalate, is also a reducing agent as well as a ligand in coordination chemistry.
  • Oxalic acid can be prepared in the laboratory by oxidizing sucrose using nitric acid in the presence of a small amount of vanadium pentoxide as a catalyst.
  • On a large scale, sodium oxalate is manufactured by absorbing carbon monoxide under pressure in hot sodium hydroxide.
  • Oxalic acid is obtained as the dihydrate. This solid can be dehydrated with heat or by azeotropic distillation.
  • Anhydrous oxalic acid exists as two polymorphs; in one the hydrogen-bonding results in a chain-like structure whereas the hydrogen bonding pattern in the other form defines a sheet-like structure.
  • Oxalic acid can be prepared via oxidation of either Glycolic acid or Ethylene glycol. In one synthetic path, Nitric acid is used to oxidize either of the two in the presence of oxygen.
  • In household chemical products such as Bar Keeper's Friend, some bleaches, and rustproofing treatments. In wood restorers where the acid dissolves
    away a layer of dry surface wood to expose fresh material underneath.
  • As an additive to automotive wheel cleaners. As a mordant in dyeing processes.
  • Precipitation can be caused by calcium oxalate if a high concentration of oxalic acid is present because calcium ions are released in the brewing
    process. This reduces the quality of the popular drink by making it cloudy.
  • Calcium oxalate is known to cause health hazardous kidney stones and for this reason it is necessary to regulate the amount of oxalic acid in foodstuffs.
  • Oxalic acid has probably a key role in breakdown of plant cell walls and suppression of plant defenses and thus facilitate invasion for the fungus.
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  • Information about Oxalic Acid
  • Description about Oxalic Acid
  • Oxalic Acid and Food
  • Oxalic Acid cleansing


  • Company from India
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  • Consultant from Austria
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  • Oxalic acid production of fifteen brown-rot fungi in copper citrate- treated southern yellow pine
  • Oxalic acid production by Aspergillus niger
  • Oxalic Acid Process Chemistry ECF Bleaching - Generation
  • Organic Acid Production by Filamentous Fungi
  • In vitro oxalic acid production by the brown-rot fungus Postia placenta


  • Suppliers of Oxalic acid
  • Oxalic acid manufacturers
  • Selling leads of Oxalic acid
  • Trade leads of Oxalic acid
  • Oxalic acid manufacturers


  • Reagents - Oxalic Acid
  • Metal cleaning chemical
  • Oxalic acid from OTC products
  • Oxidial
  • Oxuvar
  • Oxalic Acid Wood Bleach
  • Oxalic Acid
  • MSDS for Oxalic Acid
  • Oxalic acid anhydrous MSDS
  • Oxalic acid MSDS
  • Cleartech MSDS for Oxalic Acid
  • Safety data for oxalic acid dihydrate
  • Benflow UK MSDS
  • MSDS Oxalic acid
  • Buyers list1
  • Buyerslist2


  • Ozone bleaching process using Oxalic acid addition
  • Oxalic acid derivatives
  • Manufacture of Oxalic acid Dihydrate
  • Preparation of Oxalic Acid
  • Stabilized oxalic acid sour
  • Oxalic acid treatment of carbon steel, aluminium surfaces and galvanizied steel


  • Effect of Oxalic Acid on the Dissolution of Magnetite Coupled with Iron of Various Surface Area
  • Oxalic acid as a heterogeneous ice nucleus in the upper troposphere and its indirect aerosol effect
  • Electrokinetic Behaviour and Interaction with Oxalic Acid of Different Hydrous Chromium Oxides
  • Effect of oxalic acid on control of postharvest browning of litchi fruit


  • Recommendations for Administering Antibiotics and Acaricides to Honey Bees
  • Oxalic acid to make Carbondioxide
  • Oxalic Acid applications
  • Dynamics of Falling Varroa Mites in Honeybee   Colonies Following Oxalic Acid Treatments
  • Hydrogen Generation During the Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Oxalic Acid
  • Oxalic Acid Pretreatment For Mechanical Pulping Greatly Improves Paper Strength While Maintaining Scattering Power and Reducing Shives and Triglycerides
  • Use of oxalic acid treatments against varroa disease  in Greekhoneybee colonies


  • Varroa Mite Control Oxalic Acid
  • Determination of oxalic acid in beer
  • Interaction Studies of Dilute Aqueous Oxalic Acid
  • Studies on the effect of oxalic acid on plant defences and infection
  • Oxalic acid summary report

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