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  • Picoline refers to three different methylpyridine isomers, all with the chemical formula C6H7N and a molar mass of 93.13 g mol−1. All three
    are colourless liquids at room temperature and pressure.
  • 2- and 4-picoline are produced in gas phase reactions at temperatures of about 400C from acetaldehyde and ammonia with the use of solid bed or fluid bed catalyst on the basis of aluminium silicate.
  • The high purity alpha or gamma isomer is recovered as a reffinate or extract product, respectively.
  • 3-Alkylated pyridines such as 3-picoline, 3(5)-ethyl pyridine and 2-methyl-5-ethyl-pyridine (MEP) are the natural choice as starting materials for the nicotinates.
  • 3-picoline is the ideal starting-material for nicotinic acid or amide: the methyl group can be selectively and readily oxidised to the carboxyl derivative with few by-products or pollutants.
  • High selectivity coupled with the low molecular weight ratio (1:1.3) compared to the end-products make picoline an attractive industrial starting-material for the production of nicotinic derivatives.
  • The bulk of picoline is produced today by the condensation of acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and ammonia in the gas-phase, which
    simultaneously produces large quantities of pyridine. A selective and suitable alternative method starting from these or similar simple
    molecules has yet to be developed.

General and Process
  • Picoline
  • The Mechanism of the Reaction of 2-Picoline N-Oxide with Acetic Anhydride
  • Green Sustainable Chemistry in the Production of Nicotinates
  • Ammoxidation of Isomeric Picolines on Molybdenum Phosphate Catalyst
  • Thermochemical parameters of Picoline N-oxide adducts of some divalent transition metal bromides
  • Oxidation reactions in the synthesis of fine and intermediate chemicals using environmentally benign oxidants and the right reactor system
  • Unprecedented C-6 functionalisation of 3-picoline induced by a methyl to C-6
    lithium shift
  • The crystal structures of diaquatetra(P-picoline)M(II) perchlorate
  • Microbial Transformation of a-Picoline, 2-Ethylpyridine and ac-Picolinate

Company Profiles and Suppliers

  • Company in Bangalore
  • Company in Uttar Pradesh
  • Company in Andhra Pradesh
  • Company in Indiana
  • Beta Picoline Suppliers
  • B-Picoline Worldwide Suppliers


  • Consultant in California
  • Expert Curriculum Vitae
  • Project Consultant
  • Preparation of 3-picoline
  • Process for the production of 3-picoline
  • Process for the preparation of vinylpyridine from picoline over modified zeolites
  • Process for producing alpha-picoline
  • Single pot process for preparing metal picolinates from alpha picoline
  • Picoline oxides
  • Separation of picoline isomers

Material Safety Data Sheet
  • 2-Amino-3-picoline
  • Safety data for beta-picoline
  • 5-Amino-2-bromo-6-picoline
  • Picoline(Gamma)
  • 3-Picoline-N-oxide
  • 2-Picoline

  • Beta Picoline
  • Picoline Punched flat cables
  • Gamma Picoline

  • Picoline Assessment Report
  • New Photoremovable Protecting Groups for Carboxylic Acids with High Photolytic
    Efficiencies at Near-UV Irradiation
  • One-pot reductive amination of aldehydes and ketones with a-picoline-borane in methanol, in water, and in neat conditions
  • 3-Picoline Review of Toxicological Literature

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