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  • Refrigerant is a compound used in a heat cycle that undergoes a phase change from a gas to a liquid and back. The two main uses of refrigerants are refrigerators/freezers and air conditioners.
  • The ideal refrigerant has good thermodynamic properties, is noncorrosive, and safe. The desired thermodynamic properties are a boiling point somewhat below the target temperature, a high heat of vaporization, a moderate density in liquid form, a relatively high density in gaseous form, and a high critical temperature.
  • A good refrigerant, has to live up to a few requirements. Obviously, we want something that is nontoxi and unreactive. The refrigerant has to be stable for the lifetime of the refrigerator, ozone-safe, having a low boiling point but not too low, because when a refrigerator is running, the refrigerant is constantly being boiled from a liquid to a gas, and then being condensed back into a liquid again. If the boiling point is too low, it will be hard to condense back into a liquid.
  • CFCs boil at just the right temperature, and this along with the fact that they weren't poisonous made them very attractive at first as refrigerants. Fortunately, HFCs can be used to replace CFCs as refrigerants and won't damage ozone.
  • The absorption cycle is a process by which refrigeration effect is produced through the use of two fluids and some quantity of heat input, rather than electrical input as in the vapor compression cycle.
    Many factors are considered to choose a refrigerant.They are ozone depletion potential, global warming potential, combustibility, thermal factors.
  • In Cascade Refrigeration System, the refrigerants can be selected to have reasonable evaporator and condenser pressures in the two or more temperature ranges.
  • In Absorption Refrigeration System refrigerator the working fluid is pumped as a liquid the specific volume is less than that of a gas , the work input is much less, there are considerable savings in power input because a pump is used instead of a compressor, this is weighed off against the cost of extra hardware in an absorption system.
  • Refrigerant R290, or propane, is a possible replacement for other refrigerants, which have high impact on environment, in small hermetic systems, like factory made commercial refrigerators and freezers. It has zero ozone depletion potential ODP and a neglectible global warming potential GWP. Furthermore it is a substance which is a part of petrol gases from natural sources.
  • Refigeration mixtures are used for space thermal management.
    Hydrocarbons are flammable and, if due diligence is not observed, safety could easily be compromised. Only engineers who are competent to use these gases should be allowed access to them to ensure that the good name of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry is maintained.
  • Hydrocarbon refrigerants possess full chemical compatibility with nearly all lubricants commonly used within refrigeration systems.
  • Absorption and adsorption cooling systems, which quite often are fuel-fired, are a practical means of providing both commercial and industrial cooling without imposing a major drain on a developing electric infrastructure and therefore a major drain on the limited developmental capital available to most developing countries.
  • Solar refrigeration is technology that should be given priority when choosing sustainable development options in developing countries .
    Trigeneration has considerable benefits from an energy standpoint.
General Information
  • Refrigerant
  • What is a Refrigerant?

Company Profile

  • Company from Australia
  • Company from California
  • Company from India
  • Company from Virginia
  • Company from Missouri
  • Company from USA


  • Consultant from Arizona
  • Consultant from USA
  • Consultant from London
  • Consultant from Pennsylvania
  • Consultant from canada


  • Absorption Refrigeration
  • Performance of mixed refrigerant cycle used in olefin plant
  • Failure of an ammonia refrigerant condenser tube
  • Homemade Refrigeration System With Propane Refrigerant
  • Refrigeration Cycle
  • Large-capacity LNG Trains – The Shell Parallel Mixed Refrigerant Process
  • The vapor compression Refrigeration process


  • Comparative analysis of natural and synthetic refrigerants in application to low temperature Clausius–Rankine cycle
  • Evolution of Refrigerant Application
  • Guidelines for the use of Hydrocarbon Refrigerants in Static Refrigeration and Air
    Conditioning Systems
  • Application of Refrigerant Mixtures for Space Thermal Management
  • Practical Application of Refrigerant
    R290 Propane in Small Hermetic Systems
  • Refrigerants of ammonia and n-butane mixtures


  • An Evaluation of Superheat-Based Refrigerant Charge Diagnostics for Residential Cooling Systems
  • Domestic Refrigeration Refrigerants
  • Refrigerant Identifier with Air-Radicator Technology
  • New Refrigeration Cycle To Improve 100-Year-Old Technology
  • Recent developments in simulation techniques for vapour-compression refrigeration systems
  • Two-Phase Cooling Method Using R134a Refrigerant to Cool Power Electronic Devices


  • Plant from India
  • Refrigeration Plant and Mine Air Conditioning Systems
  • Natural Refrigerant in Large Scale Refrigeration Plants
  • Refrigeration Compressors plant


  • Refrigerant Accumulator and method of manufacturing thereof
  • Removable, In-place Refrigerant Pressure Check Gauge
  • Passive Heat Pump with Non-Azeotropic Refrigerant
  • Liquid refrigerant pump
  • Closed Loop Single Mixed Refrigerant Process
  • Apparatus for analyzing refrigerant properties
  • Heat pump with liquid refrigerant reservoir
  • Quantitative determination of air present in refrigerant sample by measurement of pressure coefficient of resonance frequency
  • Three - Component Refrigerant

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • R600 n-Butane
  • R170 Ethane
  • R1150 Ethylene
  • R-134A High Mileage
  • R290 Propane
  • R600a Isobutane
  • Refrigerant Identifier
  • Vortex™ AC
  • Floron 11
  • Pressure and Temperature Regulators


  • The SHERPHA Project  natural refrigerants for heat pump
  • Development of Technology for Chemical Recycling of CFC Refrigerants
  • Training Programme on Recovery and Recycling of Refrigerants in Namibia
  • Ozone depletion Substance Phase-out Project
  • Electronic and refrigerant electricity manufacturing and assembling project

Safety Issues & Management Plans

  • Refrigerant Safety
  • Refrigerant Safety Standard
  • Handling and Storage of Refrigerant Cylinders
  • Developing a Refrigerant Management Plan
  • Management of Refrigerant and Refrigerant Containing Equipment
  • Refrigerant Compliance Plan
  • Could lack of a good refrigerant management plan be putting your firm at risk?
  • Substitute Refrigerants Under SNAP

Test Plan

  • Refrigeration Compressor Testing
  • Overview of Issues on EPA Certification Test
  • List of Test Plans
  • JAMA’s Voluntary Action Plan to Reduce HFC-134a Emissions; Field test and Leak Test Procedure
  • Testing and Reporting 

Machinery Suppliers

  • Refrigerant Charging Equipment
  • Compressor
  • Refrigeration Condensers
  • DrizAir® Dehumidfiers
  • Plate freezer
  • High Speed, High Efficiency Refrigerant Handling Equipment
  • Water Cooled Chillers


  • Energy Savings Potential for Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
  • Refrigerants for the 21st Century - Conference Report
  • Phase-out of refrigerant R22
  • Refrigerant Report
  • Refrigerant Management Canada
  • Industry as a partner for sustainable development - Regfrigeration


  • Refrigerant Costs, Shortfalls to Spur More R-22 Reclaim
  • Drew Marine provides insight to R22 Refrigerant market
  • Dupont Refrigerants
  • Peering Into the Present and Future of Refrigerants
  • Single mixed refrigerant process has appeal for growing offshore market
  • Selection of refrigerants on a per-application basis: trends


  • Refrigerant Reference Guide
  • Ten Questions to Ask Before You Purchase An Alternative Refrigerant
  • Refrigerants - Application Guide
  • Responsible Use Guide for Minimizing Fluorocarbon Emissions in Manufacturing Facilities
  • Purchase of Efficient Refrigeration Plant


  • Refrigerant Suppliers
  • Selling Leads of refrigerant
  • Suppliers of Refrigerant
  • Exporters of Refrigerant
  • Refrigerant global traders

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