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  • Sebacic acid is a dicarboxylic acid with structure (HOOC)(CH2)8(COOH), and is naturally occurring.
  • In Sebacic acid's pure state it is a white flake or powdered crystal. The product is described as non-hazardous, though in its powdered form can be prone to flash ignition
  • Sebacic acid is a normal urinary acid. Sebacic Acid was named from the Latin sebaceus (tallow candle) or sebum (tallow) in reference to its use in the manufacture of candles.
  • In the urotropine sebacic acid system an incommensurate phase has been observed at 295 K.Its structure, characterized by the modulation vector comprises two very distinct moieties: slightly modulated layers of urotropine (U) and strongly modulated layers of sebacic acid (S).
  • Docosanedioic acid has been prepared by Wolff-Kishner reduction of 6,17-diketodocosanedioic acid, formed by reaction of the half-ester acid chloride of adipic acid with the a?-cadmium derivative of decane.
  • The innovated prilling process described has been applied industrially for sebacic acid with a production of 2000t per year.
  • Synthesis of aromatic poly(amideester) derived from sebacic acid and aminobenzylalcohol can be achieved by melt polymerization.
  • Sebacic Acid finds use in a variety of applications including corrosion inhibition, nylon, polyamide and polyester production, personal care products, plasticizers, lubricant esters and complex greases.
  • The pharmacokinetics of disodium sebacate (Sb) was studied in Wistar rats of both sexes.
  • Sebacic acid is a plasticizer that is used to produce nylon 6/10, a plastic used to produce tooth brushes and plastic line, such as fishing line.
  • Sebacic acid is also used to produce automotive coolants, polyester casting and films, inks, and adhesives.
  • It is Investigated that eight potential protocols Used for the synthesis of DHA-based polyester which includes Sebacic Acid as one among the eight protocols.
  • A Company ceased production of sebacic acid. It no longer has any employees, facilities, or resources in place for the production, sale, or marketing of domestic sebacic acid. Arizona is currently an importer of sebacic acid and opposes the continuation of the order.
  • Overseas competition coupled with the substantial amount of capital that would be necessary to keep the business competitive were key factors that led to the decision to exit the sebacic acid market.
  • A chemical company began focusing on the manufacture of sebacic acid and other castor oil derivatives.It is committed to being a global leader in the manufacture of sebacic acid and its corresponding esters.
  • Sebacic acid is a derivative of castor oil, with the vast majority of world production occurring in China which annually exports over 20.000 metric tonnes, representing over 90% of global trade of the product.
  • About Sebacic acid
  • Description of Sebacic acid
  • Identification and properties of Sebacic acid
  • About Castor oils and Sebacic acid
  • Sebacic acid from the Castor oil dictionary
  • About Diisopropyl sebacate
  • Database of Sebacic acid
  • WSO Sebacic acid Data sheet


  • Prilling Process of Sebacic acid
  • The lock-in phase in the urotropine sebacic acid system
  • Anodic oxidation of acids-Dimethyl Decanedioate
  • Organic Synthesis of Docosanedioic acid
  • Organic Synthesis of Ethyl hydrogen sebacate
  • Organic Synthesis of Methyl Sebacamate
  • Organic Synthesis of Methyl hydrogen hendecanedioate
  • Organic Synthesis of Sebaconitrile and cyanopelargonic acid


  • Projects in India
  • Seed Deep Machining Project
  • Feasibility Studies on Removal of Phenol and associated COD from Wastewater Generated from Sebacic Acid Manufacture
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Polymers for Fuel Cells Applications


  • Poly(Amide-ester) derived from Sebacic acid and m-aminobenzyalcohol
  • Controlled drug delivery from new biomaterials
  • Disposition of Dodecanedioic Acid in Humans
  • Studies leading to the large scale synthesis of polyesters using enzymes
  • Pharmacokinetics of sebacic acid in rats


  • Method for preparing sebacic acid and octanol-2
  • Ointments and powders containing sebacic acid
  • Use of sebacic acid and derivatives thereof in enteral and parenteral nutrition and pharmaceutical compositions containing said compounds
  • Preparation of unsaturated diester precursor for Sebacic acid
  • Production of Sebacic acid
  • Reaction product of oleic acid, Sebacic acid, and triethylene tetramine
  • Tear resistant multilayer films based on sebacic acid copolyesters and articles incorporating such films
  • Use of Sebacic acid and derivatives thereof in enteral and parentaral nutrition and pharmaceutical composition containing said compound


  • Powder and grain of sebacic acid
  • Sebacic acid
  • Blemish control gel
  • Dibutyl sebacate
  • Purum
  • Reagent

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Sebacic Acid, 98%(GC)
  • Sebacic acid 99% min
  • Sebacic acid MSDS
  • Sebacic Acid
  • Sebacic acid preparation
  • Sebacic acid,99%

Company Profile

  • Company in China
  • Company in Tokyo
  • Another Company in China
  • Company in Korea
  • Company in Gujarat
  • Another Company in China
  • Company in Shandong province
  • Company in Guangzhou


  • Consultant in UK
  • Consultant in New Delhi
  • Service Provider in New York
  • Consultant in Gujarat
  • Consultant in Hyderabad


  • Supplier in Maharastra
  • Sebacic acid Suppliers
  • Selling leads of Sebacic acid
  • Supplier in Mumbai
  • Supplier in China
  • Distributors of Sebacic acid
  • Producers and suppliers of Sebacic acid


  • Buyers List
  • Foreign Buyers


  • The Sebacic acid case and how perserverence can lead to exclusive distributorships for Chines export companiese in the United States
  • A Dramatic Shift for US Sebacic Acid
  • Sebacic Acid From China
  • Strategic and critical materials report to the congress


  • Statement of the Scientific Committee on Food on the re-allocation of  some substances for consistency with new SCF guidelines for food contact materials
  • In vitro release and antibacterial activity of poly (oleic/linoleic acid dimer: sebacic acid)gentamicin
  • United States court of international trade
  • Preparation and Properties of Copolyanhydrides Based on 2 Hexadecylsuccinic Acid and Sebacic Acid

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