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  • Sodium formate, HCOONa, is the sodium salt of formic acid, HCOOH.
  • It usually appears as a white deliquescent powder.
  • It is a Clear liquid at temperatures above 15C (59F).
  • Sodium Formate is generally immediately available in most volumes.
  • High purity, submicron and nano powder forms may be considered.
  • Sodium Formate, 30% Solution will precipitate if the product is stored below 15"C (59F).
  • Sodium formate can be prepared in the laboratory by neutralizing formic acid with sodium carbonate.
  • It can also be obtained by reacting chloroform with an alcoholic solution of sodium hydroxide.
  • The latter method is generally preferred to the former because the low aqueous solubility of CHCl3 makes it easier to separate out from the sodium
    formate solution, by fractional crystallization.
  • Ultrasound induced malondial dehyde production could not be inhibited by any significant degree by super oxide dismutase or histidine or dimethyl furan but was very significantly inhibited by butylated hydroxytoluene, cholesterol, sodium benzoate, dimethyl sulphoxide, sodium formate and Edta.
  • Sodium formate is, however, more effective when other electron acceptors are provided. When L-malate was tested with ammonium formate.
  • Commercially sodium formate is produced by absorbing carbon monoxide under pressure in solid sodium hydroxide at 160 C.
  • The Secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources finds that the wintertime application of salt and sand to highways throughout Vermont and
    application of urea/sodium formate to runway areas at the Rutland State Airport constitute.
  • Sodium formate and "IC-formaldehyde were tested as possible precursors in the reaction of glycine with a one-carbon compound in the synthesis of serine.
  • Normal winter runway maintenance involving use of sodium formate for the period will conform to current standards of approximately 1 ton
    applied over 4 miles of runway surface.
  • Sodium formate is used in several fabric dying and printing processes.
  • It is also used as a buffering agent for strong mineral acids to increase their pH.
  • It is used in the Production of sodium hydro sulphite.
  • Sodium Formate used in the Production of formic acid.
  • In Leather tanning &Enzyme stabilizer in detergents.


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  • Enhanced Hydrogen Production from Formic Acid by Formate Hydrogen Lyase-Over expressing Escherichia coli Strains
  • Formic Acid
  • Determination of Formic Acid, Acetic Acid  and Propionic Acid Contents  in FAME - Blended Diesel Fuels


  • Acid-Base Properties of Salts
  • Department of Environmental Conservation Water Quality Division
  • Annual Report 2007-08
  • Product data summary


  • Manufacture of aqueous methanolic solution of sodium formate
  • Process for the continuous production of highly pure sodium formate
  • Sodium formate fluidized polymer suspensions
  • Method for producing anhydrous sodium hydrosulphite using sodium formate, formic acid or formic acid ester
  • Conversion of impure silver halide to ultra-pure silver metal
  • Heat absorbing temperature control devices and methods


  • Sodium Formate
  • Sodium Formate, Crystal
  • Formic acid, sodium salt
  • Sodium formate Msds
  • Sodium Formate
  • Safety data for sodium formate

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  • Evaluation of Certain Media for the Detection of Colon Organisms in MiIk
  • Methanol, Formaldehyde, and Sodium Formate Exposure in Rat and Mouse Conceptuses: A Potential Role of the Visceral Yolk Sac in Embryo toxicity


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  • Esterification of 1,4-dichlorobutane with sodium formate under solid-liquid phase transfer catalysis. A kinetic study
  • Function and Regulation of the Formate De hydro genase Genes of the Methanogenic Archaeon Methanococcus maripaludis.
  • Long-lived glycosyl-enzyme intermediate mimic produced by formate re-activation of a mutant endoglucanase lacking its catalytic nucleophile
  • Mechanistic Studies of the Coenzyme F420 Reducing Formate Dehydrogenase from Methano bacterium formicicum
  • The Properties of Forest Plantation Wood after Through Chemical Modification Method


  • Continuous Generation of NADH from NAD and Formate Using a Homogeneous Catalyst with Enhanced Molecular Weight in a Membrane Reactor
  • Beta-cyanoalanine formation by chromo bacterium violaceum
  • Formation of hydroxyl radicals in the presence of ferritin and haemosiderin
  • Improved Growth Media for Vibrio succinogenes
  • Membrane lipid peroxidation by ultrasound: Mechanism and implications
  • Neutralization (deacidification) of leather


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