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  • Sodium is an element which has the symbol Na (Latin natrium, from Arabic natrun).
  • Sodium is a soft, silvery white, highly reactive element and is a member of the alkali metals within "group 1".
  • Pure sodium metal has virtually no practical application since it reacts vigourously under normal enironmental conditions.
    Sodium is an abundant metallic element which is widely distributed. However, because of its high reactivity is not found naturally in its elemental state.
  • Sodium is produced commercially by the same procedure used for isolating the first samples of the pure metal nearly two centuries ago. The procedure is based on the electrolysis of molten sodium chloride (NaCl), table salt.
  • Sodium metal is isolated by the electrolysis of fused caustic soda.
    The commercial electrolytic process is called the Downs process.
  • Sodium metal is manufactured using the Castner Process, where fused caustic soda which is mixed with a little carbon and iron is subjected to electrolysis.
  • Sodium Chloride is present at a concentration of 3.5% in seawater.
  • Sodium is detected in its compounds by the bright yellow colouration which it imparts to flames when burned and by spectroscopic methods.
  • Sodium metal is used in the manufacture of sodium peroxide, sodium cyanide and sodamide.
    It is uses as a coolant in some nuclear reactors.
  • Sodium has been used for many years to modify aluminium silicon alloys.
  • Sodium metal is used in a wide range of applications in metal
    refining and as an intermediate product in the manufacture of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
  • Liquid sodium metal is used as the heat transfer fluid in fast reactors .
    Sodium compounds are important to the chemical, glass, metal, paper, petroleum, soap, and textile industries.
  • The simultaneous determination of sodium and potassium in serum can be done by flame photometry technique.
  • The developments in sodium technology resulting in its handling as a conventional engineering heat-transfer medium.
  • The solubility of oxygen in sodium was determined over the range 125 t o 300C by vacuum disti1lation .
  • Overall U.S. demand for sodium metal tends to follow general activity in the U.S. economy and demand in the sectors in which it is used.
  • All market participants reported that all of their commercial sales of sodium metal were to end users.
  • The domestic sodium metal industry has experienced rising costs of production at the same time that sales prices have remained essentially flat.

General Information & Production

  • Sodium
  • Sodium Group
  • Sodium Periodic table
  • About Sodium
  • Sodium Production by Electrowinning
  • Sodium Metal Production

Company Profiles & Consultants

  • Company from Phoenix
  • Consultants from Egypt
  • Consultants from Minnesota
  • Consultants from US
  • Consultants from UK


  • Castner process
  • Metallic Sodium Dispersions
  • Manufacture of Sodium Metal
  • How the metal is obtained
  • Novel hydrogen-free treatment of sodium metal mixed waste by metal oxide mitigation of sodium process.
  • Arene catalysed sodium reactions
  • Sodium process
  • Supercritical fluid extraction of alkali metal ions using crown ethers with perfluorocarboxylic acid from aqueous solution
  • Sodium and Water


  • Additives in the Sodium / Metal Halide Batteries for Locomotive Applications
  • Application of an electrochemical sensor to measure Sodium levels in aluminium alloys
  • Sodium metal used as heat transfer fluid
  • Metal Halide - Advances & Improvements


  • Application of a Vidicon Spectrometer for Simultaneous Flame-Emission Analysis for Sodium and Potassium in Serum
  • Developments in sodium technology
  • Determination of the Solubility of Oxygen in Sodium by Vacuum Distillation
  • Photoelectron spectroscopy of mass-selected sodium, coinage metal and divalent metal cluster anions
  • Development of Under-Sodium three dimensional visual inspection technique using matrix-arrayed ultrasonic tranducer

Function & Safety Management

  • The specific heat below 30 degreeK of lithium metal of various isotopic composition and of sodium metal
  • Effects of sodium in poly-foliant and leafex on soils and crops
  • A Battery management system for sodium metal chloride batteries used as standby backup power in telecommunication application
  • Current Status of Health and Safety Issues of Sodium/Metal Chloride (Zebra) Batteries
Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Sodium Atom
  • Natrium
  • Buffer Solution pH 10.0
  • Low pressure sodium lamps
  • Sodium
  • Sodium metal


  • Process for desulfurization of petroleum feeds utilizing sodium metal
  • System for extracting sodium metal from sodium hydroxide with methane as a reductant
  • Dosing composition for high pressure sodium lamps
  • Method for measuring the concentration of sodium in a flow of mercury-sodium amalgam
  • Sodium to sodium carbonate conversion process
  • Method of Purifying sodium

Report & Market

  • Direct Extraction of sodium ion beam from sodium plasma
  • Sodium Metal Report
  • Commerce Initiates Antidumping Duty Investigation of Sodium Metal from France
  • Sodium Metal From France
  • Sodium Production and Market Structure

Project & Turnkey Providers

  • Sodium Metal project
  • Sodium metal project plant
  • Sodium Disposal Plant at Prototype Fast Reactor
  • Turnkey Providers from India

Equipment Suppliers

  • Activated air shaded pole blower exhaust fans
  • Sodium Coolant
  • Chemical Lab Equipments
  • Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor
  • Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • Transformer

Raw Material Suppliers

  • Barium Chloride Suppliers
  • Sodium Chloride Suppliers
  • Calcium Chloride Suppliers
  • Sodium Hydroxide Suppliers
  • Graphite Suppliers
  • Caustic Soda Suppliers
  • Calcium Fluoride Suppliers


  • Sodium metal Suppliers
  • Selling leads of sodium metal
  • Exporters of sodium metal
  • Sodium metal suppliers world wide
  • Sodium metal manufacture / Suppliers


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