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Silica Sand or Quartz with Soda Ash, Process2:Rice husk & Caustic soda
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  • Sodium silicate (Molecular Formula - Na2SiO3, Molecular Mass - 122.06 g/mol) is a white solid that is soluble in water, producing an alkaline solution.
  • Sodium Silicate is a compound mixture of sodium oxide i.e. Na2O with silica sand i.e. SiO2 with water. Sodium silicate is also called water glass.
  • Sodium silicate chemical are the largest group of minerals that contain great amount of silicon and oxygen. These sodium silicate chemicals are water soluble sodium silicate crystal and can be offered in crystal, powder or liquid form
  • There are two popular processes to manufacture liquid Sodium Silicate
  • Process I : Sodium Silicate ranges with different chemical compositions, produced by the fusion of Silica Sand or Quartz with Soda Ash at a temperature of about 1400 C in a Closed End Furnace. This process yields water glass (sodium silicate) in the form of small lumps which is further liquidated in a digester with water to produce Liquid Sodium Silicate. The liquid is filtered and storage ready for dispatch.
  • Process II : Rice husk ash is first digested with caustic soda and than filtered. In the filter diluted liquid sodium silicate is separated from unwashed carbon filter cake. The diluted liquid sodium silicate is fed to storage tanks
  • Sodium silicate is used as raw material for several purposes: silica gel production, preparation of catalysts, inks, load for medicines, concrete hardening accelerator, component of detergents and soaps, refractory constituent and deflocculant in clay slurries
  • Product categories are Alkaline Sodium Silicate, Sodium Silicate 2.0,Sodium Silicate 2.2
    Sodium Silicate 2.4, Sodium Silicate 2.6,Sodium Silicate 2.8, Neutral Sodium Silicate, Sodium Silicate 3.0, Sodium Silicate 3.2,Sodium Orthosilicate,

Basic Information

  • Conversion of Rice Hull Ash into Soluble Sodium Silicate

  • Chemicals from Rice Husk

  • Applications

  • Silica Products from Rice Hulls

  • Process Chart

  • RHA Process flow chart

  • Report: Rice Hull Waste to sodium silicate & activated carbon

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  • Sodium silicate solution
  • N Sodium silicate solution
  • Liquid sodium silicate - grade 42
  • Product australia
Market Scenario
  • Study Report
  • Sodium Silicate - Binder
  • Rice Husk traders
  • Rice Millers
  • Corrosion Prevention
  • Rendering Chemical
  • Soluble Silicates
  • Cement
  • Mesoporous MCM-41
  • Silicate Bonding
  • Company in News
Technology Information
  • Rice Husk Technology
  • Hydrothermal Production - Patent
  • Precipitated Silica from Rice Husk ash
  • Silica from Rice husk ash
  • Silica aero gel preparation
  • Precipitated Silica Technology
  • Precipitated Silica (nonlime process)
  • Absorbent from Rice hill ash
  • Rice Hull compositions
  • Appropriate technology
  • Research Institute
  • Silica Sol from Rice Husk Ash
  • Microwave Heating

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  • Sodium Silicate Plant
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  • Precipitated Silica - project outline
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