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  • Sodium Sulfide is a yellow to red solid; readily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol. It is a strong
    reducing agent and reacts with oxidants
  • Sodium sulphide is widely used in the leather industry for removing hairs from hides and skins.  The product also finds extensive use or application in the textile industry as well as in the synthesis of sulphur dyes and reduction of amino compounds.  
  • Sodium sulphide can be manufactured from (a) caustic soda and sulphur (b) barytes and soda ash and (c) sodium sulphite and coal. 
  • Sodium sulphide is widely used in tanneries, dyestuff and textile industries, and ore beneficiation. The solution being caustic, it needs proper care in handling.
  • Use of sodium hydrosulfide and sodium sulfide in the production of sulfur dyes has moved to China and India
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