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  • Sulfur is a chemically active element and forms many compounds, both by itself           (sulfides) and in combination with other elements.
  • Sulfur is pale yellow, odorless, brittle solid, which is insoluble in water but soluble in carbon disulfide. In every state, whether gas, liquid or solid, elemental sulfur occurs in more than one allotropic form or modification; these present a confusing multitude of forms whose relations are not yet fully understood.
  • Sulfur is widely distributed in nature. It is found in many minerals and ores, e.g., iron pyrites, galena, cinnabar, zinc blende, gypsum, barite, and epsom salts and in mineral springs and other waters.
  • Sulfur is produced chiefly by the Frasch process , although it is also produced by the Sicilian method and by other methods.
  • In the Frasch process underground deposits of sulphur are forced to the surface using superheated water and steam (160C, 16
    atmospheres, to melt the sulphur) and compressed air (25 atmospheres). This gives molten sulphur which is allowed to cool in large basins. Purity can reach 99.5%.
  • Elemental sulfur is used in black gunpowder , matches, and fireworks; in the vulcanization of rubber; as a fungicide, insecticide, and fumigant; in the manufacture of phosphate fertilizers; and in the treatment of certain skin diseases.
  • The principal use of sulfur, however, is in the preparation of its compounds.
  • It is used to make sulfite paper and other papers, to fumigate fumigant, and to bleach dried fruits. The element is a good insulator.
  • Sulfur plays a special role in medicine, where the ability of sulfur is used of interaction with organic substances of human body
    forming sulfides and penta-carbothionic acid, the presence of which influence antimicrobial and antiparasitic effects.
  • With latest and increasing phosphate fertilizer capacity in Australia, China, and India, sulfur demand will increase in these areas at the expense of some phosphate operations elsewhere, thus relocating sulfur demand rather than producing new.
  • Sulfuric acid (primarily for fertilizer manufacture) 96 percent; other uses including production of carbon disulfide, sulfur dioxide and
    phosphorous pentasulfide; pulp and paper uses; and rubber vulcanizing, 4 percent.
  • Over a half of sulfur obtained in the world is used for producing sulfuric acid, while 25% of the substance obtained is used at
    production of sulfuric salts (mainly sulfites).
  • Production of recovered elemental sulfur from petroleum refineries will continue its steady growth, supported by new facilities being  installed to increase refining capacity and the capability of current operations to handle higher sulfur crude oil.
  • Use of sulfur directly or in compounds as fertilizer is expected to increase, but this use will be dependent on agricultural
    economies and increased acceptance of the need for sulfur in plant nutrition.
  • Sulfur is an emerging market. Strong Growth is expected in this segment.
  • The global sulfur industry remained divided into two sectors―discretionary and nondiscretionary.
  • Worldwide recovered sulfur output is expected to increase
    significantly in the future. For the next 2 or 3 years, sulfur
    supply and demand is expected to be reasonably well balanced.
General Information
  • Sulfur - Natural Occurrence
  • Description
  • Chemical Fact Sheet
  • Properties
  • Sulfur compounds
  • Burning Sulfur Compounds
  • Sulfur Cycle
  • Characteristics


  • Sulfur product used to treat acne
  • Sodium Sulphite
  • Processed Sulfur Products
  • Sulfur Products


  • Brimstone
  • Sulfur F
  • Low Sulfur Diesel
  • Sulfur hexafluoride
  • Sulfur (Molten)
  • Sulfur
  • MSDS - Sulfur
  • Molten Sulfur


  • The Liquid Redox Technology
  • Processing Technology
  • Sulfur Production and Emission
  • Lithium-Sulfur Technology
  • New technology removes sulfur from coal
  • Sulfur removal technology


  • Compositions containing active sulfur
  • Control Systems for Sulfur Process
  • Process for the Disposal of Sulfur
  • Process for the Production of Sulfur
  • Method of Granulation of Sulfur
  • Oxa - Organic Sulfur Compounds , their Preparation and Use
  • Sulfur Process
  • Sulfur Production Process
Manufacturing Process
  • Production of Specialty Chemicals from a Coal Gasification Acid Gas Waste Stream
  • Converting Hydrogen Sulfide by the Claus Process
  • Sulfur Degasification
  • Materials Flow of Sulfur
  • Direct Sulfur Recovery Process
  • Review of Selected Sulfur Recovery Processes for SNG Production
  • Influence of material choice on cost estimation of some key components of the Sulfur Iodine thermochemical process
  • Sulfur Production
  • Amorphous and Crystalline Sulfur
  • Sulfur Recovery Process Information


  • Mineral Industry Surveys - Oct 2007
  • Mineral Industry Surveys - Nov 2007
  • Mineral Industry Surveys - Dec 2007
  • Statistical Compendium
  • Sulfur Production in 2001
  • Sulfur Production in 2002
  • Sulfur Production in 2003
  • Sulfur Production in 2004
  • Sulfur Production in 2005
  • Sulfur Production in 2006
  • Sulfur Production in 2007
  • Sulfur Production in 2008
  • Consumption in 2003
  • Consumption in 2004
  • 2005 Minerals Report
  • Sulfur Statistical Data
Company Profiles
  • Company in New Jersey
  • Company in Georgia
  • Company in Indiana
  • Company in Alabama
  • Company in Republic of Kazakhstan,
  • Company Profile
  • Capturing Opportunities in a Promising Market
  • Sulfur Demand
  • Review of market of sulfur
  • Sulfur Markets to Carbon Markets
Machinery and Turnkey Providers
  • Sulfur Burner
  • Specialty Sulfur Plant Equipment
  • Guidance on Pump Selection for Sulfurous Acid Generator Systems
  • Turnkey Provider
  • Company in California
  • Sulfur Plant Tail Gas Thermal Oxidizers
  • Company in Canada
  • Company in Deutschland


  • An Evaluation of Sulfur Modified Iron (SMI) for Removing Arsenic from Drinking Water
  • Report on Electrolyzer Component Development for the Hybrid Sulfur Project
  • Low Sulfur Gasoline Testing Project
  • Zinc-Sulfur Project
  • Project Overview


  • A Sulfurous Acid Generator
  • Sulfur Applications Boost Alfalfa Yields
  • The Role of Sulfur in Plant Nutrition
  • Sulfur Application to Corn and Soybean Crops in IOWA
  • High Impact Aroma Chemicals
  • Sulfur End Use Statistics
  • The Multi-Use Sulfur Fertilizer
  • Use of Reduced Sulfur Compounds by Beggiatoa sp.


  • Consultant in UK
  • Consultant in London
  • Consultant in Texas
  • Consultant
  • Consultant in Florida
  • Expert
Safety Issues
  • Initial Assessment of Sulfur-Iodine Process Safety Issues
  • Chemical Profile for SULFUR
  • Environmental , Health and Safety Issues of Sodium - Sulfur Batteries
  • Safety and Health Topics
  • Toxicological Effects


  • Sulfur Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Companies Directory
  • Suppliers of Sulfur
  • Sulfur Suppliers
  • Suppliers Catalogue
  • Manufacturers of Sulfur
  • German Suppliers
  • Developments in the Global Aroma Chemicals Industry
  • The Living Soil
  • Global Sulfur Market to Reach 60 Million Metric Tons by 2010
  • World Outlook for Sulfur Compounds
  • Wheat Forage Response to Tillage and Sulfur Applications
  • World Market for Sublimed or Precipitated Sulfur and Collodoidal Sulfur
  • World Outlook for Long Tons of Recovered Elemental Sulfur by Weight 2006-2011 


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