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  • Thioglycolic acid is Colorless liquid with unpleasant odor characteristic of the sulfhydryl group
  • Thiochemicals are mercaptans, methylmercaptan and derivatives,
    thioglycolic acid and esters, amines, oxygenated solvents and additives for rubber processing
  • The ligands (the chemical group attached to the tin atom) are used to differentiate the various tin stabilizers. The primary ligands are thioglycolic acid esters, reverse esters, and carboxylic acids.
  • Thioglycolic acid (TGA) and its derivatives are used in production of polymers, drugs, pesticides, dyes, flotation agents, and perfumes
  • An environmentally clean process for synthesis of thioglycolic acid is by condensation of monochloroacetic acid with sodium disulfide, followed by electrochemical reduction of the resulting mixture.
  • Thioglycolic acid can be prepared by
    (1) reacting sodium sulfhydrate with sodium chloroacetate;
    (2) electrolysis of dithioglycolic acid (from sodium sulfide and sodium chloroacetate);
    (3) heating chloroacetic acid with potassium hydrogen sulfide
    4) the Bunte salt method using sodium thiosulfate and sodium chloroacetate as major raw materials

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