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  • Soap is a surfactant used in conjunction with water for washing and cleaning that historically comes in solid bars but also in the form of a thick liquid, especially from soap dispensers in public washrooms.
  • Toilet soap Industry is one of the fast moving consumer goods Industry in India
  • Soap is produced industrially in four basic steps : Saponification, Glycerine removal, Soap purification, Finishing.
  • Soap has been manufactured by means of the reaction between an alkali, nowadays caustic soda, and animal fats or vegetable oils such as tallow, coconut or palm kernel oil. This process is known as saponification, and in a modern soap-making plant it is carried out by mixing together the oils and alkali, and then heating them under pressure to around 130?C.
  • The basic ingredient of soap is fat. Any good animal fat and some vegetable fats may be used. Fats most commonly used include low grade fat from recently killed animals, bacon fryings, and roast drippings.
  • The soap industry includes companies primarily engaged in making soap, synthetic organic detergents, inorganic alkaline detergents, and crude and refined glycerin from vegetable and animal fats.
  • Toilet Sopa market is 700,000 tons in India ; There are 40 brands;Popular brands are Liril, Cinthol, Palmolive & Lux
  • The increasing trend toward added-value products has also boosted market value. To counter the growing threat from supermarket and chemists' own labels which have become increasingly sophisticated, leading manufacturers have stepped up their new product development programs with brand extensions and re-launches of core brands, focusing on added value and convenience - for example, liquid handwash soaps with antibacterial, moisturising and deodorising properties are offered in easy dispensing bottles.
  • In the toilet soap market, new product innovations such as liquid soaps, soap-free synthetic detergents and no-wash soaps have taken an increasing share of the market from traditional soap bars.
  • The investment of projects vary according to the plant capacity
  • This is a highly competitive Industry and new entrants have to focus on specific market segments and work for the success of the project
Manufacturing Process
  • The Commercial Soap making Process
  • Process details
  • How soap and Detergents are made
  • Soap and Detergent Manufacture
  • Preparation for Soap Making
  • Preparing Soap
  • Soap Manufacturing
  • Handbook for Soap Manufacture
  • eBook Soap Manufacturing
  • Soap Manufacturing process
  • Glycerin Soap
  • Technical Brief
  • Antimicrobial liquid hand soap with honey
  • Video Clips

Company Information

  • Raj Industries
  • Gora Mal Hari Ram
  • Nirma
  • Hindustan Lever
  • Chandrika soaps
  • Dabur
  • Vashisti detergents
  • Jyothy Laboratories
  • Sri Royalaseema Alkalies
  • Ivory Soap Works Ltd
  • Laxmi Soap Factory
  • Hindustan Lever
  • Joicl
  • Company Performance study

Project  Information

  • Soap Production Line
  • Project Profile - Khadi
  • Project Outline
  • Project Consultant
  • Project report preparation consultant
  • Project India
  • Profitability analysis
  • Herbal Soaps
  • Soap Just Like Grandma Used to Make
  • Links to presentations
  • Project Contacts & Links
Equipments Suppliers
  • Soap Making Machinery Suppliers
  • List of toilet soap making machinery suppliers
  • Plant Engineers
  • Plant & Machinery supplier
  • Machinery Catalogue
  • Asia Chemical Engineering Co.
  • Plant & Machinery details
  • Machinery supplier
  • Plant supplier
  • Wrapping Machine supplier
  • Soap Plant

Raw Materials and Suppliers

  • Acid Slurry
  • Links to Ingredients suppliers
  • Ingredients supplier
  • Bees Wax Suppliers
  • Bees Wax Suppliers Directory
  • Essential Oils Manufacturers
  • Manufacturer of Soap Fragrances
  • Glycerine Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Preparation of Soap Using Different Types of Oils and Exploring its
  • Olive Oil Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Palm Oil Suppliers
  • Shea Butter Suppliers
  • Vegetable Oils, Sesame Oils & Edible Oil Manufacturers
  • Vinegar Suppliers
  • White Ash Suppliers 


  • RainSoft Bar Soap
  • Blue Spring Basics Bar Soap
  • TC Enriched Foam Soap
  • Dial's Family of Products
  • Soap For Dry & Sensitive Skin
  • Toilet soap prepared from neem
  • Bodycare Products


  • The Soap and Other Detergents Manufacturing Industry: Trends and Characteristics
  • Consumer Report
  • Sales Promotion Activities in Toilet Soap
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Beauty Soap Demand
  • The Indian FMCG sector
  • Consumer Loyalty to brands
  • The Global Market For Soaps
  • Soap production - Kerala
  • Rural Consumers
  • Rural Indian Market
  • Soap Maker Cleans Up with RFID
  • The Soap Plantation
  • Soap maker finds strength in change
  • Counter-revolution in soaps
  • Seam Project: Oil and Soap Sector


  • Soap and Detergents
  • Clean Living with Neodol
  • Celebrating our 11th Year of Serving the Soap Making Community
  • Mercury in Soap in Tanzania

Quality and Standards

  • Quality of Soaps Using Different Oil Blends

  • Fatty Acids

  • Tallow

  • Eco Mark Scheme

  • Toilet Soap - specifications

  • Standard for Baby Soap

  • New Criteria Proposal
  • Cost Accounting Records (Soaps & Detergents) Rules 1993
  • Saudi Arabian Standards Organization: Laundry Powdered Soap
  • Tender Document


  • Policy Note 2005 - 2006
  • Policy for Emollient and Moisturiser Use
  • Hand Hygiene Policy

  • Hand Hygiene Policy and Procedure


  • Soap Composition
  • Silicone Composition for Bar Soap Applications
  • Superfatted Soaps
  • Toilet Soap Bars
  • Draining soap dish for multiple bars of soap
  • Glacier silt soap
  • Massaging bar soap
  • Process for the manufacture of soap bars and apparatus for use in same process
  • Solvent Extraction Technology for Used Oil Treatment

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