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  • Recyclable Plastics (Thermoplastics) are PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, PS, etc
  • Non-Recyclable Plastics (Thermoset & others): Multilayer & Laminated Plastics, PUF, Bakelite, Polycarbonate, Melamine, Nylon e
  • The Indian processors are already
    collecting the plastics waste/scrap of all sorts and converting into pellets for re-use. Need for recycling/reprocessing of plastics became more relevant with increase in the plastics consumption and also with
    availability of waste/scrap plastics in huge quantities.
  • Plastics waste/scrap also occurs in the commingled form and has, therefore, to be segregated before being recycled/reprocessed. It is essential to segregate the plastics waste/scrap fully and not to attempt reprocessing of commingled plastics waste/scrap without appropriate technologies.
  • Recycling, recovery or disposal of plastic waste shall be carried out as per the rules, regulations and standards stipulated by the central government from time to time
  • Recycling of plastics shall be carried out in accordance with the Indian Standard IS 14534:1998 titled as Guidelines for Recycling of Plastics, as amended from time to time
  • Disposal of post-consumer and industrial waste laminates is an area of great concern for
    packaging industries, municipal corporations and several government authorities.
    Recycling is the best way to fight this problem
  • About plastic recycling
  • Fact Sheet
  • Plastic packaging Resins
  • Economic and Social Aspects


  • Industry Standards
  • Recycling Process
  • Plastic Recycling - Innovations
  • Mixed Plastics Film Laminate Recycling
  • Advance Recycling
  • Recycling Plastic: Complications & Limitations
  • Recycling HDPE
  • Best Practices in PET Recycling
  • Chemical Recycling of Plastics
  • Recycling mixed plastics
  • Recycling the Hard Stuff
  • Technical Assistance Report

Project Information

  • Starting a Waste Plastics Recycling Business
  • Project Viability
  • Project Data
  • Turnkey Project provider
  • Project report consultant
  • Turnkey Project offer
  • Project engineering & Consultancy

Project  Machinery Suppliers

  • Recycling Machinery
  • List of suppliers from India
  • Ahmedabad supplier
  • Delhi Supplier
  • Supplier from Delhi
  • Austrian Machinery
  • Compactor
  • Machinery - India
  • Links to Machinery suppliers

Scrap Suppliers

  • Plastic scrap suppliers in Chennai
  • Plastic Scrap Suppliers - India
  • Trading company - Delhi
  • Materials Suppliers: Distributors, brokers, resellers of resins, compounds
  • Suppliers - Overseas
  • Scrap Imports

Company Profiles

  • Best Practices
  • Directory of recyclers in India
  • MNC Company
  • Company Directory - Global
  • Directory of Companies
  • Recycling Company
  • Recycler

Environment Issues

  • Concern Grows over Microplastics
  • Plastic waste Management
  • Guide Lines
  • Plastic products & Environment
  • Plastic Value Chain
  • Regulations
  • Import Regulations

Market & Reports

  • Plastic Industry in India
  • Plastic Recycling in Bangalore
  • Plastic Recycling  - Markets, Technology, and Trends
  • PET Container Recycling
  • Recycling Trends
  • Plastic Resin Supplier
  • Asphalt Mix with waste plastic
  • Plastic Processing in SEZs
  • The Potential Recovery of
    Beverage Containers

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