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  • Sand Additives includes Seacoal, Coal Tar Pitch, Gilsonite and Blown Asphalt. The theories involved in sand additives are Gaseous Cushion Theory, Lustrous Carbon Theory and Reducing Atmosphere Theory.
  • Sand Additives are used for Construction, Metal Casting, Soil Blending, Land Applications, Composting, Backfill and Pipe Bedding.
  • Major markets are metallurgical, glass and construction, accounting for 92.6% of total sales. The metallurgical sector can be subdivided into foundry sands and steel applications, fluxing (non-ferrous), refractories and silicon manufacture. Major markets for fume silica are construction (cement and concrete additives); whilst the ceramic industry is the largest consumer of milled silica.
  • Commercial soil blending operations can use foundry sand to produce horticultural soils, topsoil, potting soil, and turf mixes. These soil products are typically mixtures of sand or gravel with peat, fertilizers, and/or top soil. Foundry sand can also improve the performance of agricultural soils, and can be used as a composting ingredient.
  • Foundry sand can be used as a cover for the working face of an active landfill, for road construction within the active cell, or as a substitute for virgin aggregate in the construction of drainage layers for landfill leachate collection systems.
  • The foundry industry has frequently cited the beneficial reuse of foundry sand as one of its most important environmental issues.
  • The U.S. foundry industry uses approximately 100 million tons of sand per year. Roughly 90 percent is reused for making molds within the foundries, but 9 to 13 million tons of this sand is no longer useable in the casting process. Of this sand, approximately one million tons are recycled for other uses every year; the remaining 8 to 12 milliLustrous Carbon Theory tons are landfilled.
  • Foundry sand can be obtained directly from foundries, most of which are located in Midwestern states, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
  • Spend foundry sand has low absorption and is nonplastic. Reported values of absorption were found to vary widely, which can also be attributed to the presence of binders and additives.


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Company Profiles
  • Afcil Industries Limited
  • Atlantic Silica Inc
  • Ceraflux
  • Hill and Griffith
  • Shotcrete Technologies


  • Green Sand Featured Products
  • Sphere OX Additive
  • Sand Decorative Texture
  • CISA Product Category
  • Sand Preparation Technology
  • Core Technology
  • Advances in Core Making Technology
  • Hydrobond Technology
  • Vulcan  Engineering Co
  • IGC Technologies
  • Small Scale Recycled Glass To Fines Processing System
  • Sand Technology
Theories And Evaluation of Sand Additives
  • Understanding Emissions in Green Sand Molding
  • Foundry Sand Additives and Additive Theories
  • Evaluating and Characteristics of Seacoal

Patent And Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Material Safety Data Sheet - Silica Sand
  • United States Patent
Foundry Sand Additive
  • Gilsonite
  • Spent Foundry Sands
  • Properties of Foundry Sand
  • Foundry waste
  • Utilization Of Used Foundry Sand
  • Foundry Sand Facts for Civil Engineers
  • Foundry Sand Stakeholders Meeting


  • Trade leads of Sand
  • Foreign Importers and Buyers
  • go4WorldBusiness
  • Importers Of  Silica Sand
  • Wholesalers Of Sand
  • Beneficial use of Nontoxic Bottom ash, fly ash and Spent foundry sand
  • Innovative Technology Evaluation Report
  • The Use Of Blended Recycled Foundry Sand
  • Field Report
  • Report On Use of Recycled Foundry Sand in the Cleveland area
  • Laboratory assessment of the influence of the proportion of waste foundry sand
  • Mineral Report
  • South Africa Report
  • Foundry Survey Reports
  • Use of Spent Foundry Sand in Manufactured Topsoils
  • Spent Foundry Sand Toxicity Test
  • Mineral Industry Survey
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  • Expansion Characteristics of Silica Sands
  • High performance Materials Applications
  • Beneficial Reuse Of Solid Wastes
  • Improved Earthquake Performance Of New Construction
  • Metal Casting
  • Beneficial Reuse Of Foundry Sand
  • Beneficial Reuse of Spent Foundry Sand


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