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  • Inspired by the natural processes of the earth's crust, in the 19th century the first attempts in fabricating units (bricks) from sand and lime were made. In 1880 the German researcher Wilhelm Michaëlis finally succeeded in producing "artificial sandstone" by the action of steam under pressure.
  • The production of calcium silicate units on an industrial level became feasible after the introduction of the first rotating presses, which were
    designed in England.
  • The process of making sand lime brick was invented in germany where it probably has had its greatest development.
  • Due to the use of natural raw materials calcium silicate does not emit noxious substances and has negligible content of radioactive constituents.
  • By its nature calcium silicate acts as a buffer to heat and it can absorb water vapour from air with high relative humidity. At low humidity conditions this absorbed water is released as vapour back to the surrounding air. In this way calcium silicate contributes to comfortable and healthy living conditions.
  • Calcium silicate units are used in all types of domestic, industrial and
    commercial buildings. The material properties make calcium silicate
    units suitable for load-bearing and non-load-bearing purposes.
  • Due to it's excellent technical, architectural and processing properties calcium silicate units are often first choice for architects, engineers and developers.
    Calcium silicate masonry constructions meet the highest requirements with
    respect to load bearing capacity, sound insulation, fire resistance and thermal insulation.
  • Calcium Silicate Masonry / Brick
  • Brick Manufacture
  • Making of Lime
  • Calcium Limestone Production Process
  • Manufacturing Process for  Calcium Silicate
  • Calcium Silicate Production
  • Cleaning of Calcium Silicate Brickwork
  • Packaging

Products and Applications

  • Calcium Silicate
  • Calcium Silicate Products and its Suppliers
  • ZelieŽBlok 2000
  • Sand Lime Bricks Advantages
  • Masonry Cavity and Veneer Wall Systems
  • Calsil Calcium Silicate Face Bricks
  • Calcium Silicate Brick Uses
  • Pavements
  • Abrasives Applications


  • Method of  Producing Sand Lime Bricks-US Patent
  • Production of Calcium Silicate-US Patent
  • Exportable Technologies
  • Business Plan
  • Sand Lime Shaped Product-US Patent
  • Mining & Mineral Wastes for the Development of Building Materials


  • Sand Lime Bricks Quality
  • Standard Specification for Calcium Silicate Brick
  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes
  • Comparison of Rounded Gravel
    and Crushed Limestone
  • Dielectric Microwave Resonator for Non-Destructive Evaluation
    of Moisture and Salinity
  • Comparative Analysis of Embodied Energy Rates
    for Walling Elements in India

 Machinery Suppliers

  • Drum Drier System
  • Jaw Crushers
  • MPS Vertical Roller Mill
  • Steam Boilers Suppliers
  • Air Separator Suppliers
  • Loading Crane Suppliers
  • Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine
  • Jaw Crusher Suppliers
  • Rotary Kiln Suppliers
  • Construction Equipment Manufacturers
  • Ovens Suppliers in India
  • Hydraulic Pallet Truck Manufacturers and Suppliers in India
  • Hydraulic Equipment  Manufacturers
  • Knuckle Joint Press Manufacturers & Suppliers In India
  • Silos Suppliers
  • Screen Vibrator Suppliers
  • Brick Making Machine
  • Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making Machines
  • Building Construction Machinery
  • Conveyor Belts Suppliers

Raw Materials Suppliers

  • Sand-Raw Material Suppliers
  • Lime-Raw Material Suppliers
  • Calcined lime Manufacturer in India
  • Limestone Crushing Plant
  • Engelsby Project-Germany
  • Research Project
  • Integrated Life Cycle Simulation and Assessment of Buildings
  • Lime-Sand Bricks and Aerated Concrete Blocks Production
  • Framework Project
  • Financial Consequences of Construction Waste


  • Stone Products Consultants
  • Charles Cook Restoration Consultant and Construction Services
  • ETR Stone Consultants
  • Midland Classique Limestone
  • Retaining Walls

Market Report and Prices

  • Engraved Brick Price
  • German Building Materials in Dutch Market
  • Sandstone Price List
  • Canadian Building Digests
  • Promoting Clay Flyash Bricks
  • Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
  • Future Bricks

Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Limestone: Crushed, Ground & Powdered Suppliers
  • Sand Lime Bricks Suppliers-Germany
  • Calcium Silicate Boards Suppliers
  • Calcium Silicate Manufacturers and Suppliers in India
  • Calcium Silicate Suppliers in Huang-Gang
  • Limestone Suppliers
  • Calcium Silicate Bricks Suppliers in UK

Plant Details

  • Novokahovskyi Lime-Sand Brick Plant
  • Calcium Silicate Bricks Plants
  • European Calcium Silicate Unit
  • MCB Industries

Company Profiles

  • Saudi Sand Lime Bricks
  • Sacramento Sandstone Brick Company
  • Atlas Paving
  • Buxton Lime Industries
  • C.A. Picard
  • China Technology Consulting
  • HeidelbergCement-Germany
  • Xella International
  • Rock Chemical Industries
  • BNZ Materials
  • Corletts
  • Ras Al Khaimah Lime Brick Factory
  • Stork Bouwtechniek



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