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  • Acetonitrile (ACN) is the chemical compound with formula CH3CN. This colourless liquid is the simplest organic nitrile and is widely used as a solvent.
  • Acetonitrile is a toxic, colorless liquid with an ether-like odor and a sweet, burnt taste.
  • Acetonitrile, also called methyl cyanide, is the simplest organic nitrile, clear, flammable liquid, melting at -45 C and boiling at 81.6 C.
  • It is extremely soluble in water and miscible with ethanol, ether, acetone, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, and ethylene chloride.
  • Acetonitrile is easily ignited by heat, sparks or flames and gives off highly toxic hydrogen cyanide fumes when heated and it dissolves easily in water.
  • Acetonitrile is a by-product from the manufacture of acrylonitrile.
  • The acrylonitrile (ACN) produced in the world today is produced using the SOHIO process for ammoxidation of propylene and ammonia.
  • Acetonitrile can also be produced by dehydration of acetamide or by hydrogenation of mixtures of carbon monoxide and ammonia.
  • Acetonitrile is used to make pharmaceuticals, perfumes, rubber products, pesticides, acrylic nail removers and batteries.
  • Acetonitrile is also used to extract fatty acids from animal and vegetable oils.
  • Industrially, it is used a solvent in the purification of butadiene and in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and photographic film.
  • Acetonitrile is used in different processes in the chemical industry as a starting material for the synthesis of many chemicals, pharmaceuticals and pesticides, and also in the manufacturing of photographic films.
  • Acetonitrile is used as a solvent in the production of vitamin B, perfumes, plastics and as a non-aqueous solvent for inorganic salts.
  • Acetonitrile is also used in the extraction and refining of copper, in the textile industry, in lithium batteries and in analytical chemistry laboratories.
  • Acetonitrile (ACN) is undoubtedly one of the most widely used solvents in Reversed Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography (RP-HPLC).
  • Acetonitrile is a widely used, polar aprotic organic solvent.
  • Acetonitrile is a two-carbon building block in organic synthesis as in the production of pesticides to perfumes.
  • Acetonitrile is utilized as a starting material for the production of such compounds as acetophenone, α-naphthaleneacetic acid, thiamine,
    and acetamidine.
  • Deproteinisation with acetonitrile is a useful and rapid technique in analysis of drugs or their metabolites in human serum.
  • The petrochemical industry uses acetonitrile for extractive distillation due to its selective miscibility with organic compounds.
  • Acetonitrile is also used as a solvent for polymer spinning and casting.
  • Acetonitrile has many applications in the analysis of a variety of pharmaceutical and chemical products by UV detection.
  • The syntheses of many chemicals such as acetophenone, alpha-naphthalenacetic acid, thiamine, and acetamidine use acetonitrile as a starting material or catalyst.
  • Acetonitrile is a by-product from the manufacture of acrylonitrile and coal tar production.
  •  Acetonitrile is also formed during combustion of wood, straw, and other vegetation.
  • The four main producers of acetonitrile in the United States are: INEOS, DuPont, J.T. Baker Chemical, and Sterling Chemicals.
  • In past years, 32.3 million pounds (14,700 t) of acetonitrile were produced in the US.
  • About acetonitrile
  • Acetonitrile
  • Information about acetonitrile


  • Equilibrium acidities of some carbon acids in acetonitrile
  • Chemical manufacturing and process description
  • Degradation of Acetonitrile Residues Using Oxidation Processes
  • Photocatalytic oxidation of acetonitrile in aqueous suspension of titanium dioxide irradiated by sunlight
  • Purification of Acetonitrile
  • Anion Transport in Prussian Blue Films in Acetonitrile and Propylene Carbonate Solutions
  • Acetonitrile
  • Excess molar volume of the acetonitrile + alcohol systems at 298.15 K


  • Removal of cyanides from acetonitrile
  • Purification and recovery of acetonitrile from waste solvent acetonitrile
  • Acetonitrile purification via an adsorption-based process
  • Continuous acetonitrile recovery process
  • Method for the purification of acetonitrile by low temperature phase separation
  • Method and apparatus for purifying low grade acetonitrile and other constituents from hazardous waste
  • Process for preparing acetonitrile

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Acetonitrile
  • Acetonitrile material safety data sheet
  • Acetonitrile (Methyl Cyanide) Reagent A.C.S.
  • Safety data for acetonitrile
  • Acetonitrile MSDS
  • Material safety data sheet for acetonitrile
  • 20% acetonitrile
  • Acetonitrile safety data

Company Profiles & Plant

  • Company from China
  • Another company from China
  • Company from Connecticut
  • Company from UK
  • Another company from China
  • Plant from Japan

Consultants & Project

  • Consultant from California
  • Consultant from Florida
  • Consultant from Kentucky
  • Consultant from Minnesota
  • Consultant from Massachusetts
  • Acetonitrile
  • Acetonitrile field test


  • Determination of pesticide residues in foods by acetonitrile extraction and partitioning with magnesium sulfate
  • Practical Aspects of Preparative HPLC in Pharmaceutical and Development Production
  • Freebasing of Peptide Salts and the Removal of Acidic Ion-Pairing Reagents from Fractions after HPLC Purification
  • The use of acetonitrile as the solvent nitrogen and carbon source by geotrichum sp


  • Acetonitrile and Acetonitrile Solutions
  • Acetonitrile super gradient c27
  • Acetonitrile HPLC gradient c73
  • Acetonitrile


  • Best available techniques
  • Phase separation of acetonitrile-water mixture in protein purification
  • Quantitative Prediction of Acetonitrile in Water Using NIR Technology
  • Simple Technique for Extracting Flavor Compounds from Fatty Foods
  • Chemical nature of very high molecular weight particles
  • New insights in the global cycle of
    acetonitrile: release from the ocean and dry deposition in the tropical savanna of Venezuela
  • Evaluation of Acetonitrile Deproteinisation of the Serum Samples for the Analysis of Drugs in Serum Using Capillary Zone Electrophoresis


  • Degradation of Acetonitrile by Pseudomonas putida
  • On the density of pure acetonitrile
  • Acetonitrile degradation under haloalkaline conditions by Natronocella acetinitrilica gen. nov., sp. nov.
  • The influence of thyroid feeding upon poisoning by acetonitrile
  • Shear viscosity and dielectric constant of liquid acetonitrile


  • Excess Thermodynamic Properties for Acetonitrile/Water
  • Acetonitrile: The Pressure Dependence of Molecular Parameters
  • Vapour pressure of acetonitrile determined by comparative ebulliometry
  • Acidity Scales in Mixed Water- Acetonitrile Buffer Solutions
  • Stimulation of tolbutamide hydroxylation by acetone and acetonitrile in human liver microsomes and in a cytochrome reconstituted system


  • Chemical summary of acetonitrile
  • A comparison of acetonitriles
  • Pyrolysis and Combustion of Acetonitrile (CH3CN)
  • Acetonitrile fact sheet

Standards & Safety

  • Ground Water Quality Standard for Acetonitrile
  • Ontario Air Standards For Acetonitrile
  • Acetonitrile
  • Acetonitrile fact sheet
  • Chemical hazards of acetonitrile
  • Hazardous substances fact sheet of acetonitrile

Guides & Toxicity

  • Acetonitrile Safe Storage and Handling Guide
  • Occupational safety and health guideline for acetonitrile
  • Acetonitrile; Community Right-to-Know Toxic Chemical Release Reporting
  • Evaluation of a sampling method for acetonitrile emissions from stationary sources

Equipment Suppliers

  • Precision and Accuracy of Methanol and Acetonitrile Dispenses Using the Thermo Scientific Matrix® Hydra® DT
  • Determination of volatile organic compounds in ambient or indoor air

Raw Material Suppliers

  • Acetamide suppliers
  • Selling leads of acetamide
  • Ammonia Suppliers
  • Selling leads of ammonia
  • Carbon monoxide suppliers
  • Suppliers of carbon monoxide


  • Acetonitrile suppliers
  • Selling leads of acetonitrile
  • Exporters of acetonitrile
  • Suppliers of acetonitrile

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