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  • Aconitic acid is an organic acid. The conjugate base of aconitic acid, aconitate is a substrate of the citric acid cycle. It is acted upon by aconitase.
  • Aconitic acid is a product having the formula HOOC.CH2.C (COOH) = CH.COOH, derivable from citric by a dehydrating reaction at the position of the double bond.
  • Trans aconitic acid (TAA) is the predominant organic acid in cane leaf matter (CLM) juice.
  • TAA is a white to yellowish crystalline solid, with melting point 195 C. It is soluble in water and alcohol.
  • It is an intermediate in the tricarboxylic acid cycle produced by the dehydration of citric acid.
  • Aconitic acid has been prepared from citric acid by the action of sulfuric acid or hydrogen chloride, or by heating. It has been prepared also from methyl acetylcitrate and from acetylcitric anyhdride.
  • Liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), solid-liquid extraction and ion exchange were evaluated for the recovery of Trans aconitic acid from cane leaf matter stillage.
  • Aconitic acid is a tricarboxylic unsaturated acid and is of special interest in the production of resins, plastics, plasticizers, flavors, etc.
  • Information about Aconiticacid
  • About Aconitic acid
  • Cis-Aconitic acid


  • Aconitic acid from sugarcane
  • The Determination and Isolation of the Organic Acids in Fruit
  • The Isolation of Carboxylic Acids from the Flowers of Delphinium formosum
  • Organic Acid Production by Filamentous Fungi
  • Chemistry of Vegetable Physiology and Agriculture


  • Company from Germany
  • Company from Canada
  • Company from London
  • Company from India
  • Company from USA
  • Company from Mumbai


  • Aconitic acid - Product
  • Omeosport
  • Trans-Aconitic Acid: 100g (Spectum Branded)
  • Propene-trans-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid


  • Selling leads of Aconitic acid
  • Tradeleads of Aconitic acid



  • trans-Aconitic acid
  • MSDS of trans-Aconitic acid
  • Silver bullets
  • trans-Aconitic acid MSDS


  • Aconitic acid, gluconic acid and/or succinic acid taken alone or further together with sclareolide in enhancing the organoleptic properties of foodstuffs
  • Concentration of aqueous Aconitic acid solutions
  • Esterification of Aconitic acid salts
  • Fermentation process and microorganism for producing Aconitic acid
  • Manufacture of Aconitic acid
  • Recovery of Aconitic acid from molasses
  • Preparation of Aconitic acid
  • Process for the production of aconitic acid
  • Recovery and purification of Aconitic acid
  • Process for the recovery of Aconitic acid from its alkaline earth salts


  • Enrichment and Isolation of Rumen Bacteria That Reduce trans-Aconitic Acid to Tricarballylic Acid
  • Observation on the utilization of the salts of organic acids by the colon-aerogenes group
  • Metabolism of trans-Aconitic Acid in Maize
  • Extraction of Aconitic Acid from Sugarcane and its Application in Non-Toxic Flexible Polyvinylchloride Formulations
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