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  • Barium Nitrate chemical formula Ba(NO3)2 is a salt of barium and the nitrate ion.
  • Barium nitrate exists as a white solid at room temperature. It is soluble in water, and like other soluble barium compounds, is toxic and should be handled with care.
  • Baratol is an explosive composed of barium nitrate, TNT and binder; the high density of barium nitrate results in baratol being quite dense as well.
  • Barium nitrate mixed with aluminum powder, a formula for flash powder, is highly explosive. It is mixed with Thermite to form Thermate-TH3, used in military thermite grenades.
  • It is also used in the manufacturing process of Barium oxide, the vacuum tube industry and for green fire in pyrotechnics.
  • Barium nitrate is manufactured by one of two processes. The first involves dissolving small chunks of barium carbonate in nitric acid, allowing any iron impurities to precipitate, then filtered, evaporated, and crystallized. The second requires combining barium chloride with a heated solution of
    sodium nitrate, causing barium nitrate crystals to separate from the mixture.
General & Process
  • Barium Nitrate
  • About barium nitrate
  • Information about barium nitrate
  • General about Barium Nitrate
  • Solubility of Barium


  • Process for making superconductors using barium nitrate
  • Removal of chromium from solution using ferrous sulfate and barium nitrate
  • Lead-free centerfire primer with DDNP and barium nitrate oxidizer
  • Process for preparing pure barium nitrate crystals

Material safety data sheet

  • Barium Nitrate
  • MSDS of barium nitrate
  • Barium Nitrate material safety data sheet
  • Barium nitrate MSDS
  • Material safety data sheet on barium nitrate
  • Barium nitrate
  • Barium Nitrate  Laboratory Grade
  • Safety data for barium nitrate
  • Barium nitrate MSDS
Company Profiles
  • Company from China
  • Company from Guizhou
  • Company from Shaanxi Province
  • Company from Shandong

Products & Applications

  • Barium nitrate
  • Product of Barium Nitrate
  • Barium Nitrate product specification
  • Barium Nitrate Reag 125 gm
  • Product specification of Barium nitrate
  • Simple Green Propellant
  • Numerical optimization of the extracavity Raman laser with barium nitrate crystal


  • Barium and barium compounds
  • Texaco Gasification Process


  • Barium nitrate suppliers
  • Barium nitrate manufacturers
  • Suppliers of barium nitrate
  • Barium nitrate selling leads

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