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  • The biobased chemicals generally refers to large scale industrial chemicals that can be produced from processing (biorefining) renewable (plant-based) sources of hydrocarbons.
  • There is a wide range of existing biobased chemicals that include the oleo chemical industry as well as specific products such as citric acid, sorbitol, ethanol, lactic acid and 1,3 propanediol.
  • The basic building blocks of petroleum-based chemicals can be produced indirectly from the synthetic gas of biomass gasification or its fermentation products, such as ethanol sorbitol, methanol and succinic acid.
  • The whole chemical industry has been shifting its attention to a long list of so-called "biobased chemical building blocks" tat includes not only monomers but all sorts of chemicals such as acids and diacids, glycerol, sorbitol and polyols.
  • Bio-based Chemicals.
  • Bulk Chemicals from biomass.
  • Bio-chemicals from corn.
  • Road map for bio-based products.


  • New Continuous Isosorbide Production from Sorbitol.


  • Consultancy from India.
  • Consultancy from UK.


  • Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol and products produced there from.
  • Plant Sorbitol biosynthetic enzymes.
  • Bio-Based, insulating foam.

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  • Canadian Innovation in Bio-Chemicals.
  • International opportunities for Bio-based products.
  • Assessment of the bio-based products market potential for innovation.
  • Bio based chemicals industry transitions and opportunities.

Report & Uses

  • A Novel Sorbitol Biosensor based on sorbitol dehydrogenase linked to gold by cysteine.
  • Isosorbide-a new bio-based monomer enhances the value of polymers.
  • Isosorbide a sustainable diol for chemicals and polymers.
  • Biorefinery scoping study-tropical biomass.
  • Industrial uses of biobased feed stocks focus on oleo products.

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