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  • Butanol or butyl alcohol (sometimes also called biobutanol when produced biologically), is a primary alcohol with a 4 carbon structure and the molecular formula of C4H10O.
  •  It belongs to the higher alcohols and branched-chain alcohols.
  • It is primarily used as a solvent, as an intermediate in chemical synthesis, and as a fuel.
  • Butanol isomers, due to their different structures, have somewhat different melting and boiling points.
  • All are moderately miscible in water, less so than ethanol, and more so than the higher (longer carbon chain) alcohols.
  • This is because all alcohols have a hydroxyl group which makes them polar which in turn tends to promote solubility in water.
  • At the same time the carbon chain of the alcohol resists solubility in water.
  • Methanol, ethanol and propane, are fully miscible in water because the hydroxyl group predominates while butanol is moderately miscible because of the balance between the two opposing solubility trends.
  • The most common process starts with propane, which is run through an hydroformylation reaction to form butanal, which is then reduced with hydrogen to butanol.
  •  Butanol can also be produced by fermentation of biomass by bacteria.
  • The fuel is butanol; it can be derived from lignocellulosic materials, which are plant biomass parts that range from woody stems and straw to agricultural residues, corn fiber and husks, all containing in large part cellulose and some lignin.
  • A large part of the n-Butanol produced is converted into derivatives  for use as solvents in the coatings industry.
  • N-Butanol is an eminently suitable solvent for acid-curable lacquers and baking finishes derived from urea  melamine or phenolic resins.


  • Butanol
  • N-Butanol
  • Butanol: The Other Alternative Fuel
  • Butanol
  • Normal butanol
  • Butanol
  • Butanol-A Superior Fuel
  • Butanol and Acetone from Corn
  • Bacteriophage Infections in the Industrial Acetone Butanol (AB) Fermentation Process
  • Hemp to Butanol
  • Bacterial acetone-butanol production in the former Soviet Union
  • One-step Synthesis of n-Butanol from Ethanol Condensation over Alumina-supported Metal Catalysts
  • Esterification of stearic acid by isomeric forms of butanol in a microwave oven under homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction conditions
  • Secondary Butanol
  • Boosting Biomass to Butanol
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  • Manufacturers of Hydrogen
  • Butraldehyde suppliers
  • Butraldehyde Manufacturers
  • Consultant from Greece
  • Consultant from Germany
  • Consultant from Taiwan
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  • 3-Alkyl-1-Butanol Attractants for Frugivorous pest insects
  • Method for producing butanol by fermentation
  • Process for preparing 1.4-dibromo-2- butanol
  • Preparation of 2-amino-n-butanol
  • Process for separating 2-butanol from tert-butanol/water mixtures
  • Production of butanol by a continuous fermentation process
  • Butanol
  • Safety data for 1-butanol
  • Butanol
  • N-Butanol
  • Butanol Msds
  • A Novel Sustainable Process to Produce a Renewable Diesel Fuel from Crude Plant Oils
  • The History of the Acetone-Butanol Project in Austria
  • Production of Butyric Acid and Butanol from Biomass
  • Developments in second generation biofuels in the Netherlands
  • Fermentative Butanol Production by Clostridia
  • Enhanced Butanol Production by Clostridium
  • Production Of Ethanol ,Butanol.
  • Possibilities of butyric acid production by butanol oxidation with Gluconobacter oxydans coupled with extraction.
  • Butanol Production From Agricultural Residues
  • Production of Butyric Acid and Butanol from Biomass
  • Butanol- a Possible alternative energy source
  • Higher alcohols Refinery
  • Ontario Air Standards  For  n-Butanol
  • Executive summary
  • Technology Valuation
  • Butanol: The Other Alternative Fuel
  • Fermentative Butanol Production
  • Saltend Bioethanol Plant
  • Biobutanol Production
  • Suppliers of Butanol
  • Butanol Suppliers
  • Manufacturers Of Butanol
  • Butanol Distributors
  • Correlation between analytical and biological techniques for the assessment of phenolic compounds in Spanish browse species
  • New techniques create butanol -- biofuel superior to ethanol
  • The Race for New Biofuel
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  • Biofuels
  • Butanol as a Gasoline Blending Bio-component
  • The Economics of Acetone-Butanol Fermentation Theoretical and Market Considerations
  • Butanol Fuel is a great alternative renewable source of energy

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