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  • Calcium silicide (CaSi2), also called calcium disilicide, is an inorganic compound, a silicide of calcium.
  • Calcium Silicon ... An alloy of calcium, silicon and iron containing 28-35% Ca, 60-65% Si, and 6% Fe, max., used as a deoxidizer and degasser for steel and cast-iron; sometimes called calcium silicide
  • Calcium silicide is used for manufacture of special metal alloys, eg. for removing phosphorus and as a deoxidizer.
  • In pyrotechnics, it is used as fuel to make special mixtures, eg. for production of smokes, in flash compositions, and in percussion caps.
  • Calcium silicide is used in the manufacture of certain initiatory, pyrotechnic and smoke compositions.
  • Industrial calcium silicide usually contains iron and aluminium as the primary contaminants, and low amounts of carbon and sulfur.
  • The silicon & calcium alloy is mainly used as desulfurizing agent and deoxidizer for steel industry and casting industry.
  • Calcium silicide has been found to be extremely corrosive to all metals including the refractory metals. It has been successfully contained in boron nitride for 36 hours.
  • The formation of calcium silicide (CaSi2) intermetallic through the simultaneous reduction of calcium oxide from the electrolyte and of the silica pellet and reduction of dissolved carbon dioxide.
  • Currently, China’s calcium silicon price up continuously, especially price in Shaanxi, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia increase to a larger extent.
  • The annual production of silicon & calcium alloy is about 130,000t all over world and international market demand is about 160,000t.
  • The technology normally used to make calcium silicon consists of two stages: the production of calcium carbide; the production of calcium-silicon directly.
  • Plant with capacity of 2500 Metric tons/year will need approximately investment of 3100 lakhs
  • Calcium-silicon is made in shaft-type electric furnaces.
  • The calcium silicide quarry mining process is complicated process and need many mining equipment
  • Calcium Silicide is obtained when in an electric arc furnace when quartz is heated along with carbon & CaC2
  • The recovery of the magnesium from dolomite ores by using silicon (silicothermic process) occurs via the formation of intermediate compounds
    such as calcium silicide
  • About calcium silicide
  • Effective charge on silicon atom in the metal silicides Mg2Si and CaSi


  • Methods for forming epitaxial self-aligned calcium silicide contacts and structures
  • Manufacture of metallic silicides and in particular of calcium silicide
  • Calcium silicate crystal board
  • Formed calcium silicate plate and process for its production
  • Polymorph of calcium disilicide and its method of preparation

Company Profiles

  • Company from Beijing
  • Company from India
  • Company from Kolkata
  • Company from New Jersey
  • Company from Oregon
  • Company - SA
  • Company Performance - SA
  • Mnc group
  • Chinese Company

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Calcium Silicide
  • Defence Standard
  • Material safety data sheet for calcium silicide
  • Msds on calcium silicide
  • Calcium silicide powder
  • Safety data sheet on calcium silicide
  • Calcium silicide material safety data sheet
  • Calcium silicide material safety data sheet
  • Company - Ohio
  • High Purity


  • Calcium silicide suppliers
  • Suppliers and manufacturers of calcium silicide
  • Calcium silicide china suppliers
  • Traders


Products & Applications
  • Calcium silicide pieces
  • Calcium silicide technical
  • Manufacture of the Futuristic Castable Type of Screening Smoke Composition
  • Silicothermic reduction of dolomite ore under inert atmosphere
  • Ultra pipe measures
  • Removal of Heavy Metals from Water and Brine Using Silicon Alloys
  • Application in Steel Industry
  • Energy Storage Materials
  • Military applications

Project Information

  • Source for Production Technology
  • Synthesis - abstract
  • Synthetic CaSi2
  • Ore Roasting Equipments
  • Mining Equipments
  • Crushing Equipment
  • Metallic Bonding
  • Company - Research
  • Calcium Silicides Films
  • Project - Bhutan
  • Silicothermic reduction process
  • Combustion of Calcium Silicide

Raw Material Suppliers

  • Calcium carbide suppliers
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of calcium carbide
  • Charcoal suppliers
  • Selling leads of charcoal
  • Suppliers of coke
  • Coke suppliers
  • Quartzite suppliers
  • Selling leads of Quartzite


  • Project Information
  • Process of Manufacture of Calcium Silicon
  • PVMaT Improvements in theBP Solar Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing Technology
  • Energy of Emotions
  • China’s domestic calcium silicon price
  • Smoke and masking agents
  • Determination and analysis of the potentialities of thermal energy storage materials
  • Calcium silicide
  • Calcium silicide sizes
  • Calcium silicide hazardous substances fact sheet

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