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  • Diazo refers to a type of organic compound that has two linked nitrogen (azo) compounds.
  • The general formula is R2C=N2. The simplest example of a diazo compound is diazomethane.
  • The electronic structure of diazo compounds involves a positive charge on the central nitrogen and negative charge distributed between the terminal nitrogen and the carbon.
  • Diazo compounds are not dyes, but dye precursors. Some azo dyes are manufactured by coupling a phenol or naphthol to a diazonium compound.
  • The TiCl4-mediated reaction of esters with benzoyl chloride gave α-benzoylated esters in high yields. Diazo transfer of the α-benzoylated esters utilizing p-acetoamidobenzenesulfonyl azide afforded α-diazo esters in good yields. This procedure allows the preparation of α-diazo esters in gram quantities.
  • Diazo production uses aqueous ammonia to destroy the stabilizer incorporated in the material, in turn enabling the dyes to couple with the diazonium salts.
  • The techniques employed in the production of diazo sensitised copying materials comprise: unwinding a reel of the base material; applying the appropriate chemical solutions in a coating machine; removing any excess solution while the material is passing through the machine;
    drying the coated materials in ovens which form part of the machine; re-reeling the dry coated material; converting the coated reel into rolls or sheets.
  • The combination of a new high-speed process and developer unit which uses pressurized anhydrous ammonia gas offers a significant increase in the speed of developing diazo photomaterials.
  • Diazo compounds are used as precursors to carbenes, which are generated by thermolysis or photolysis.
  • Water-soluble multifunctional diazo compounds are primarily used as photosensitive agents for use in screen printing plates and colored image formation material (e.g. color proof films), whereas organic solvent-soluble diazo compounds are often used for lithographic printing plates.
  • Improved photosensitivity to light in the mid UV range can be achieved using diazo esters of 4-benzyl-1,2,3-trihydroxybenzene. These esters show surprising solubility in some novolak resin/solvent systems.
  • Today, the majority of lithographic plates are made of aluminum sheets of varying thickness (usually between .008" and .0015") with a surface grain or granular finish. This grain serves to give water-carrying properties to the plate and to give anchorage to the image forming material.
  • About diazo compounds
  • Basic information about diazo
  • Diazo compounds


  • Reagents for Phototherapy: Design of Transition Metal Diazo Compounds
  • Pressurized High-speed Development of Diazo Films
  • An Efficient and Mild Preparation of Vinyl Diazo Carbonyl Compounds
  • Production of diazo copying materials
  • The diazo reactions of histidine and tyrosine
  • Preparation of 2-diazo-2-oxopiperidin-3-yl-3-oxopropanoates
  • Process Control of the Chlorobenzene Single-Step Liftoff Process with a Diazo-Type Resist
  • Simple Preparation of α-Diazo Esters
  • Unusual reaction of b-hydroxy a-diazo carbonyl compounds
  • The Diazo Printing Process
  • Wolff rearrangement of diazo ketones derived from N-p-tolylsulfonyl protected amino acids

Company Profiles

  • Company from China
  • Company from Sweden
  • Company from United Kingdom
  • Another company from China
  • Another company from China

Patent & Technology

  • Method of manufacturing a matrix for cathode-ray tube
  • Diazo derivatives and process for their preparation
  • Diazo pigments
  • Process for the preparation of highly coloured diazo pigment mixtures
  • Stabilized aqueous diazo solutions
  • Diazo-coupling option with pyrochrome chromogenic lal
  • The new Generation of Diazo Photo Tools
  • Offset plate technology


  • Studies on Synthesis and Dyeing Preformance of Acid Dyes Based on 4,7-Dihydroxy-3,8-di-a-naphthylazo- 1,10-phenanthroline-2,9-dione
  • The diazo ketone approach to the isoprostanes
  • Preparation and Characterization of Fulleroid and Methanofullerene Derivatives
  • Flash Photolysis of 10-Diazo-9(10H)-phenanthrenone in Aqueous Solution
  • Reactivity and Reaction Mechanism for Reactions of 1,1(Azodicarbonyl) dipiperidine with Triphenylphosphines
  • Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of 3-Hydrazino- Naphthoquinones as Analogs of Lapachol
  • Di- and Tetrafunctional Reactive Red Dyes
Material safety data sheet
  • Safety data for 6-diazo-5,6-dihydro-5-oxo-1-naphthalenesulfonyl chloride
  • Diazo Reagent
  • Diazo Sensitizer
  • Diazo photo Emulsion
  • Safety data for 3-diazo-3,4-dihydro-4-oxo-1-naphthalenesulfonyl chloride
  • Diazo blue B
  • Safety data sheet for Diazo Sensitizer
  • Standard diazo sensitizer

Project and Consultants

  • Diazo Prints and Technology
  • Enantioselective synthesis of 3-arylindan-1-ones by intra molecular c-h insertion reactions of diazo ketoesters catalyzed by chiral dirhodium carboxylates
  • Consultant from USA
  • Consultant from Minnesota
  • Consultant from Poland

Product & Applications

  • Diazo developer dd460
  • Diazo YELLOW GC
  • Diazoresins and photopolymers
  • Dirasol Diazo-Photopolymer Emulsions
  • Norikop 8 HR-Water and Solvent Resistant Diazo-Sensitized UV Polymer Emulsion
  • KIWOCOL Poly-Plus Diazo-Photopolymer
  • Dupont image master diazo imd-xt
  • New light-sensitive positive working thick resist materials for various electronic applications

Market & Report

  • Integrated and sequential anaerobic/aerobic biodegradation of azo dyes
  • Azo dyes briefing note
  • Company report
  • About azo dye
  • Publication on demand technical possibilities and limitations
  • Developments Toward the Synthesis of the Welwitindolinone Alkaloids
  • Diazo Copying Materials
  • Development of the United Kingdom diazo copying materials industry and market
  • Eco-friendlier Process Introduced For Next-Generation DuratoolŽ EclipseŽ Diazo Phototool Films

Suppliers & Turnkey providers

  • Diazo suppliers
  • Diazo resin suppliers
  • Diazo manufacturers
  • Turnkey provider from Pennsylvania

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