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  • Elicitors are chemicals which,when sprayed or in watering solution cause the plant to react and produce more essential oils and resin
  • Elicitor induction of phenylpropanoid metabolism was investigated in suspension-cultured cells of the fast-growing poplar hybrid (Populus trichocarpa Torr. & Gray × Populism deltoides Marsh) H11-11.
  • Treatment of cells with polygalacturonic acid lyase or two fungal elicitors resulted in rapid and transient increases in extractable l-phenylalanine ammonia lyase and coumarate:coenzyme A ligase enzyme activities.
  • The substrate specificity of the inducible coumarate: coenzyme A ligase enzyme activity appeared to differ from substrate specificity of coumarate: coenzyme a ligase enzyme activity in untreated control cells.
  • Large and transient increases in accumulation of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase coumarate:coenzyme A ligase mRNAs preceded the increases in enzyme activities and were detectable by 30 minutes after the start of elicitor treatment
  • The volatiles released from elicitor (copper chloride, jasmonic acid, UV, L-methionine and chitosan oligomer) treated and rice blast fungus-inoculated rice leaves were collected by the solid-phase microextraction technique and analyzed by GC-MS.
  • (Z)-3-Hexen-1-ol, monoterpenes, methyl salicylate, and sesquiterpenes were identified as elicitor-induced volatiles by a comparison of their GC retention times and mass spectra with those of authentic compounds.
  • The different elicitors resulted in some qualitative and quantitative differences in the production of volatiles.
  • Monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes were identified as the rice blast fungus-induced volatiles.
  • Computer models of an active elicitor of phytoalexin production, hexa (β-D-glucopyranosyl)-D-glucitol, and six inactive
  •  Oligosaccharide analogs were superimposed separately on a model of base paired nucleotides constructed according to parameters consistent with the classical Watson-Crick B-DNA.
  • The elicitor-DNA complex showed the alignment of rotated residues of the elicitor parallel
  •  The  base pairs with specific hydroxyl groups in position for hydrogen bonding at opposite phosphate oxygens on complementary DNA strands.
  •  Elevation of the active oligosaccharide above base pairs, due to the B-1,6- and B-1,3-linkages, and partial intercalation of the glucitol residue was especially evident with space-filling models.
  •  A comparison of the "fit" of the model elicitor to nucleotides with the "nonfits"
  •  The inactive oligosaccharides may have relevance to an understanding of elicitor-induced phytoalexin
  • The production in vivo and to the design of new and nonobvious molecules which exhibit elicitor activity
  • Managing plants using sound agronomic principle like promoting the correct soil physical and chemical properties, optimum fertility, and pest control remains essential.
  •  Some of these basic practices with ‘new technology’ products can provide additional tools to increase the chances for successful plant establishment and development.
  • One example includes fertilizers that contain all-natural ‘signaling molecules’ called glycoprotein elicitors
  • Elicitor-Induced Ethylene Biosynthesis in Tomato Cells: Characterization and Use as a Bioassay for Elicitor Action.
  • Elicitor
  • Induced volatiles in elicitor-treated and rice blast fungus-inoculated rice leaves
  • Rapid Activation of Phenylpropanoid Metabolism in Elicitor-Treated Hybrid
  • Elicitor induced defence responses in medicago sativa


  • Seven Iron
  • Enhanced prediction of Susceptibility to mechanical damage in
    harvested and stored potato tubers
  • Peer review of the pesticide risk assessment of the active substanceheptamal oxyloglucan
  • Informationen aus dem Vorstand
  • Liquid Fertilizer
  • Universita degli studi di napoli federico


  • An elicitor isolated smut teliospores enhances ligin deposition
  • The AVR9 Race-Specific Elicitor of Cladosporium fulvum 1s
    Processed by Endogenous
  • Biotic and abiotic elicitors induce biosynthesis and accumulation of
    resveratrol with antitumoral activity
  • Differential Activation of Four Specific MAPK Pathways by
    Distinct Elicitors
  • Glycoproteins from Russian Wheat Aphid Infested Wheat Induce Defence
  • Plant response
  • Protein kinases in the plant defence response
  • Quantitative Phosphoproteomics of Early
    Elicitor Signaling in Arabidopsis
  • Receptor for the Fungal Elicitor Ethylene-Inducing Xylanase .


  • Chitin oligosacharide elicitor-binding proteins
  • Ecologia Microbica e Resistenza Indotta ad Agenti Fitopatogeni
  • Elicited plant products
  • Hyersensitive response induced resistance in plants
  • Method of using an elicitors to increase production of metabolites
  • Micronutrient elicitor for treating nematodes in field crops
  • System for protection of plants from pathogens
  • Use of ulvans as elicitors of mechanisam for nitrogen absorption


  • Acting Point in Taxol Biosynthesis Pathway of Elicitor in Suspension
  • The American Elm and Dutch Elm Disease
  • Elicitor-induced transcription factors for metabolic reprogramming of secondary metabolism
  • Cowpea  Chloroplastic ATP Synthase Is the Source of Multiple Plant Defense Elicitors
  • The Service Type Elicitor User Interface
  • Effect of Ultrasound as Abiotic Elicitor on the Production of Trans-Resveratrol
  • Binding a Phytoalexin Elicitor to DNA.
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  • Suppliers list of China

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Raw material suppliers

  • Abiotic elicitor mediated augmentation of annatto pigment production in standing crop
  • Effects of Elicitor-induced Expression of Tyrosine Aminotransferase Gene on the Synthesis
  • Glucosinolates in crucifer species affected by postharvest elicitors
  • Grapevine cell early activation of specific responses to Dimeb
  • Identification of a novel Plasmopara halstedii elicitor protein combining de novo peptide sequencing algorithms
  • Nitric Oxide Synthase-Mediated Phytoalexin Accumulation in Soybean Cotyledons in Response to the Diaporthe phaseolorum
  • Proteomic analysis of differentially expressed proteins in
    fungal elicitor-treated Arabidopsis cell cultures
  • Resistance to botrytis cinerea induced in arabidopsis by
    Elicitors is independent of salicylic acid, ethylene,
    or jasmonate.
  • Control of fire blight through systemically acquired resistance and intraspecies characterization
  • Effect of Elicitors and a Biogenetic Precursor on Paclitaxel Production in Cell Suspension Cultures of Taxus cuspidata
  • Induction and Expression of Systemic Resistance to Downy Mildew Disease in
    Cucumber by Elicitors
  • Inhibition of elicitor-induced phytoalexin in cotton and soybean cells by citrmolecular cloning and ethylene induction of mRNA
    Encoding a Phytoalexin Elicitoate
  • Novel Strategies for Overproduction of Microbial Products
  • Role of phosphorylation in elicitation of the oxidative burst in cultured soybean cells


  • Cholic Acid, a Bile Acid Elicitor of Hypersensitive Cell Death, Pathogenesis-Related Protein Synthesis, and Phytoalexin Accumulation in Rice
  • Dimethyl disulfide is an induced systemic resistance elicitor produced by Bacillus cereus
  • Elicitor activity of cerebroside a sphingolipid elicitor in cell suspension cultures of rice
  • Harpin, elicitor of the hypersensitive response produced by the plant pathogen Erwinia amylovora.
  • Harpin, An Elicitor of the Hypersensitive Response in Tobacco Caused by Erwinia amylovora
  • Microbial Elicitors Induce Activation and Dual Phosphorylation of
    the Arabidopsis thaliana
  • Purification and Characterization of a Novel Hypersensitive Response-Inducing Elicitor from Magnaporthe oryzae


  • E2elicaitech elicitor correctors technology
  • Frequency specificity of contralateral, ipsilateral and bilateral medial olivocochlear acoustic reflexes in humans
  • Glycoprotein Elicitors – A New Technology ‘Plant Assist’ Tool
  • Eden Bioscience Corporation
  • Management of Pseudomonas syringae
  • Purification and characterization of novel hypersensitive response-inducing elicitor
  • Regulation of a Proteinaceous Elicitor-induced Ca2+ Influx and Production of Phytoalexins

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