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  • Silver plating is a surface treatment that, due to the excellent technical properties of silver, can be applied to a broad range of products.
  • Silver electroplate can be applied utilizing either rack fixture or barrel plating technologies. Typically a silver-plating specification will specify a matte, semi-bright, or bright finish with or without a chromate post treatment to improve tarnish resistance.
  • Cyanide silver plating processes are easy to chemically control, and have a broad range of concentrations that will yield successful deposits. Cyanide silver plating solutions produce a pleasing pure white, fully bright deposit, which is in demand by the customers.
  • Advantages of Silver Electroplating: Superior Fatigue Resistance, Provides Dry Lubricity, Corrosion Resistance, Thermal Conductivity, Electro Magnetic Shielding, Offers Malleability, Reduces Friction, Facilitates Joining of Materials, High Tensile Strength, High Ductility, Algaecidal Bactericidal Antibacterial , Advantageous Alloying and, Wetting Properties, Efficient Catalyst , Resists Oxidation.
  • Industries Served: Aerospace, Aircraft, Appliance, Automotive, Battery, Bearings, Cellular, Computer Components, Contacts, Covers, Defense, Electrical Components, Filter Housing, Laser, Medical Components, Microwave, Miniature and Sub-Miniature Components, Optical, R F Filters, R&D, Resonators, Screw Machine Products, Semiconductor, Stampings, Telecommunications, Terminals, Waveguides, Wire Form. silver plated products, techniques, process, content needed for metal coatings.
  • Total silver fabrication demand, led by surging industrial demand, rose to its highest level in 2005 since 2001. Total silver fabrication rose by 3 percent in 2005, to 864.4 million ounces, its highest total since 2001.

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  • Silver
  • Silver Plating
  • Gold And Silver Plating
  • Electroplating
  • Silver And Tin Industrial Coatings
  • Gold and Silver Articles- Little Known Information
  • Chemical Fact Sheets
  • Silver Technical Data Sheet


  • Digital Cables And Speaker Wire
  • Conductive Paints And Pastes
  • Microwave Application
  • Silver Institute Applications
  • High Durability Silver Coating for use in Harsh Environments
  • Silver And Gold Plating Of Polymeric Materials For Medical Applications
  • Silver Properties
  • AC Electrical Properties Of Silver Plated Needles
  • Evaluation Of Noncyanide Silver Plating
  • Aqueous Systems with Low to Non-Pollutant Content for Depositing Precious Metal Coatings
  • Root Cause Analysis And Immersion Silver Plating Defects on PWBs
  • Analysis Of Gold And Silver Plating Baths In Jewelry
  • Wire Procurement And Quality Control


  • Specification Process
  • Chemical Silver Plating on Cotton and Polyester Fabrics and its Application on Fabric Design
  • Fabrication of Silver Nanowires by Selective Electroless Plating of DNA Stretched Using the LB Method
  • Electrochemical Deposition of Silver Nanocrystallites on the Atomically Smooth Graphite Basal Plane
  • Electroless Plating on Medical Catheters
  • Plating Methods
  • Procedure for Electroplating a Silver-Silver Iodide Electrode
  • Simplified Silver-Plating Stain for Flagella
  • Extraction of Metals
Company profiles
  • Advanced Surface Technologies
  • Alexandria Metal Finishers
  • Advanced Manufacturing Branch
  • Chelsea Plating-Silver And Brass Plating Co.
  • Aerospace Defense Coatings Of Georgia
  • International Silver Plating Inc
  • Precision Plating Company
  • Proplate
  • Nu-Metal Finishing Inc
  • Cal-Aurum
  • Fotofab
  • R & H Plating
  • Silver Plated Tableware
  • Orbel Corporation
  • Hadleigh Silver Plating
  • Silver Plating Company Directory
  • Consultants Corner
  • Don Baudrand
  • Surface Engineering Consulting Ltd
  • Intota
  • Materials Edge

Equipments Suppliers

  • Dalmar Plating
  • SPA Plating
  • Electroplating Equipment Suppliers
  • Industrial Directory
  • Balco-Electroplating Equipment
  • Ohio Precious Metals, LLC
  • Technic Inc
  • Silver Plated Products
  • Kitchen Tableware Products
  • Silver Plating Kits
  • Gumus Products
  • Reliable Plating Products
  • Silver Plated Products
  • Silverlon Products
  • SulekhaB2B Products
  • Silverware
  • Products Component Database
  • Tiny Pushbutton Switches
  • Inductor Material Composition
  • Lamb Catalog 1000 Series


Patent  And Technology
  • United States Patent
  • Silvrex White Metal Technology
  • Surface Treatment
  • Technology Profile


  • Electroplating
  • Silver Plating
  • Silvex Photo Gallery
Market  And Reports
  • Silver Bromide Shines In Bacteria-Fighting Coating
  • Potential Of Enzymatic Silver Deposition
  • Non-Cyanide Silver As a Substitute For Cyanide Processes
  • India's Consuming Interest In Silver
  • Metal Industry In India
  • Annual Report 2003

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