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  • Sodium dichromate is also commonly referred to as sodium bichromate or sodium bichromate dihydrate and is known technically as sodium dichromate dihydrate.
  • The cleaner process of sodium dichromate production by roasting chromite with lime and leaching with sodium bicarbonate solution under the pressure of carbon dioxide was investigated.
  • Dichromates are power oxidizing agents which find applications in: Chromium source in preparing chromium compounds, Leather tanning and screen printing, Electroplating ,Pyrotechnics and explosives, Pigment preparation, Wood Preservative , Metal Treating and corrosion inhibitor, Oil drilling ,Catalyst for the chromium metal production ,Photographic engraving.
  • In the pigment industry, sodium dichromate is used to manufacture lead chromate compounds which are then used in manufacturing paints, printing inks, paper coloring, and floor coverings.
  • In oil well drilling muds, sodium dichromate is used to create soluble chromates for corrosion control and chrome lignosulfates for deflocculation and thinning agents which help control drilling mud viscosity.
  • Sodium dichromate is also used in the manufacture of photographic films, flavors, essential oils, saccharin, pharmaceuticals,9 pyrotechnics, explosives, safety matches, chrome glues and adhesives, wood stains, poison fly paper, process engraving and lithography, synthetic perfumes, chrome alum manufacture, alloys, ceramic products, depolarizers in dry cell batteries, bleaching fats and waxes.
  • Growth in demand for sodium dichromate is expected to be supported largely by increases in the need for chromic acid in the manufacture of wood preservatives.
  • Leather tanning consumption of sodium bichromate is 12 percent of the total demand. U.S. exports of leather auto upholstery continue strong, especially to Japan, Canada and Mexico.
  • Consumption of chromium chemicals has been in decline since peaking at 163 thousand tons in 1974. This is primarily due to environmental and health concerns. The trend has apparently now ceased and the current consumption level represents difficult-to-substitute applications of chrome chemicals. Over the next four years, U.S. sodium bichromate consumption is anticipated to grow modestly, at 0.5 percent annually.
  • Chemical Safety Data: Sodium dichromate
  • Sodium Bichromate
  • Sodium Dichromate Dihydrate
  • Sodium Dichromate MSDS
  • Sodium Bichromate Anhydrous
  • Sodium Dichromate Solution
  • Sodium Dichromate Anhydrous
  • Sodium Chlorate solution in water
  • Sodium dichromate MSDS
  • Sodium Dichromate Specifications

Manufacturing Process

  • Process for Making Chromic Acid
  • The Cleaner Process of Chromates Production
  • Sodium Dichromate Monohydrate
  • Process for the Preparation of Alkali Metal Dichromates and Chromic Acid By Electrolysis
  • Process for the Production of Sodium Dichromate
  • Sodium Dichromate Production
  • Sodium Dichromate Listing Background Document
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Chromite Ore Processing
  • Process for Preparing Pure Sodium Bichromate-US Patent

Company Profile

  • B. C. Dye-Chem
  • Sino-Partner
  • Hebei Chromate Chemical Co.Ltd
  • Laykem
  • Lords Chemicals
  • Turkish Chemical Industry

Raw Materials Suppliers

  • Sodium Carbonate Suppliers
  • Chrome Ore Suppliers
  • Lime Manufacturers
  • Soda Ash Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Sulphuric Acid Manufacturers

Machinery Suppliers

  • Furnace Suppliers
  • Muffle Furnaces
  • Kiln Suppliers
  • Machinery Supplier
  • Hearth Furnace Suppliers
  • Quenching Tanks Suppliers
  • Rotary Filter Suppliers
  • Stirred Reactors Suppliers


  • Lanxess
  • Gansu Jinshi Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Plants built in Romania
  • Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds
  • Bateman
  • Vishnu Chemicals


  • Sodium Bichromate Applications
  • Chromium Sulfate Tanning Powder
  • Applications
  • Interindividual Variability in Response to Sodium Dichromate–Induced Oxidative DNA Damage
  • Synthesis of Phenylacetic Acid
  • Timber protection
  • Electroplaters
  • Flame Retardancy of Wood
  • Cleaner Leather Tanning
  • Pesticidal Uses
  • Printing Industry
  • Chrome International’s Bateman-ELEX precipitator
  • East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Sodium Dichromate & Sodium Sulphate as By Products
  • Sodium Bichromate Project
  • Carcinogenic Potency Project
  • Photography Project
  • Hexavalent Chromium
  • Chromium Vadose Zone Characterization and Geochemistry
  • Sharma Chemical Consultancy Services
  • Emeraud (Canada) Ltd.
  • Amtec Consultants
  • The Brenntag Group
  • Hazardous Substances Advisors
  • Water Treatment Consultants
  • Golden Chemicals


  • Identification, toxicity, use, water pollution potential, ecological toxicity and regulatory information
  • Chemical Profile
  • Hazard Categories
  • Storage Precaution Signs for Hazardous Chemicals
  • Questions and Answers
  • Genetic toxicity of sodium dichromate dihydrate in NTP peripheral blood micronucleus tests

Suppliers and Buyers

  • Sodium Bichromate Suppliers
  • Sodium Dichromate Chinese Suppliers
  • Suppliers of Sodium Bichromate
  • Sodium Bichromate Manufacturers
  • Sodium Dichromate Selling Leads
  • Sodium DiChromate Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Sodium Dichromate  US Suppliers
  • Sodium Bichromate-Selling Leads
  • Sodium Bichromate Suppliers-China
  • Sodium Dichromate Buying Leads
  • Sodium Dichromate Buyers List
  • Sodium Bichromate Dealers

Market and Reports

  • Chemicals Business
  • A review of chromite ore supply plus a focus on special grades
  • Sodium Bichromate Production
  • Annual Report
  • Elementis plc Annual Report
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  • Chromium World Market
  • Sodium Dichromate Price List
  • Comprehensive Utilization of Hazardous Wastes-Chrome Slags
  • Steel Traders Highest Bidder for Orichem


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